Yirgachaffe King of Coffees

The King of Coffees -
renown across the world as producing some of the best quality coffees.


We just received a fresh crop of Yirgachaffe - the "King of Coffees"


Excitement builds when a new crop of coffees arrive and never before have we been so excited to see some of the fresh crop King Of Coffee - Yirgachaffe - back in our racks.

I need to attend Superlative School in order to adequately describe this wonderful coffee.

Ethiopia is where it all started and this is the "best of the best".

A washed GR1 bean that has been very well processed and it clean and sound. It is grown at a very high altitude of > 1,900m resulting in the sun ripened cherries being well formed and juicy.

Intense bursts of fruit and vibrant acid are like a flavour bomb exploding in your mouth.

Perfect either as black or with milk.