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We are pleased to release our new 5th generation coffee capsule with the highest-performance co-polymer base available in the world.

Unlike the majority of Nespresso type capsules that are made overseas and sold in Australia, ours are roasted and packed here in Melbourne in our own capsule plant, one of only 6 in Australia.

Did you know there are 1,200 coffee capsule sellers in Australia, almost all of them don't even roast coffee and none have their own capsule processing plant. So how can they manage quality ? Simple - they can't.

Other seller must rely on 3rd party converters and they also have to buy in bulk meaning it's often stale as they purchase in seasonal intervals, not weekly or monthly.

We control the entire production quality cycle, from sourcing the raw coffee, roasting, de-gassing in specialized chambers under controlled conditions, grinding, packaging and selling direct to you the customer - no middle-parties, no storage in warehouses, just straight from us to you.

Nobody can match our freshness.

Our advanced roasting facilities utilize the most sophisticated platforms available worldwide and our experience in coffee goes back 40 years, so you can be assured of our skills in preparing a quality coffee solution. In fact, we are one of the early pioneers of single-serve portion control coffee having offered this solution to the Australian market for the last 13 years.

Most of the coffee capsules available in Australia contain low-grade, harsh ingredients - cheap and rough - filled with robusta that is grown at low altitudes with huge amounts of chemicals - pesticides and fertilizers. Don't drink that rubbish......instead, choose our high altitude 100% arabica

We roast our capsules in small lots to keep the stock turning over in days - not months or seasons.

Our Capsules Are 100% Nespresso Compatible

Our capsules are Nespresso compatible and packed into the highest performing capsule base available on the market offering comparable oxygen barrier capabilities to alumiuniun.

It's important to have a proper oxygen barrier for coffee capsules as the ground coffee inside goes stale very quickly - within 15 minutes.

Most environmentally friendly bio capsules (recyclable and compostable) fail to keep coffee fresh as the materials leach out the essential volatile compounds in freshly roasted and ground coffee via a process called effusion.

Only our advanced co-polymer and aluminium bases provide 100% barrier protection to keep the coffee inside your capsule super-fresh.

Our previous capsule system - 4th generation compostable capsules sold during 2019 and 2020 utilized the most advanced system available but it still needed to be packed in an outer foil bag to limit the ingress of oxygen and slow down the staling process (although many sellers ignored these risks as sell bio capsules without an effective outer barrier).

Our current 5th generation capsule is more advanced and completely oxygen stable without the need for additional barrier packaging.

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