Buying Guides

This page is in some ways a blog, but all of the articles below are here to help you and other visitors make more informed decsisions when they are buying coffee beans online. We hope they are useful and feel free to suggest any topics you might like discussed by emailing us.


Why coffees disappear from the store

Date Posted: 1 September 2010

We offer a range of freight services depending upon your location.... Read More

Grinding coffee beans

Date Posted: 9 March 2009

Did you know pre-ground coffee goes stale in 15 minutes ?. We don't stock or sell pre-ground coffee but we can grind from fresh roasted beans to suit your type of beverage or equipment if you selection the Option to Grind when placing an order.... Read More

Why buy coffee online

Date Posted: 4 March 2010

Supermarkets and retail stores do not care, or understand the requirement for freshness. Coffee is a fresh food and when you buy from mycuppa, the coffee is less than 48hr from roasting.... Read More

How to get the best coffee from your grinder

Date Posted: 6 November 2016

did you know a simple grind or dose adjustment can make a world of difference to your coffee experience ?... Read More

How much coffee to buy ?

only order what you need in the next 6 weeks otherwise the coffee becomes stale and your experience will decline.... Read More

Storing Coffee

Never freeze or refrigerate coffee. Store in a cool, stable part of the house or office.... Read More


you can use your credit/debit card, a Paypal account or perform a Bank EFT after processing your order.... Read More

Why you need to adjust your grinder

Fresh roasted coffee changes every day, even during the day. A correctly adjusted grinder will give you perfect tasting coffee.... Read More

Coffee samples

read this article to understand that samples are not a useful method to evaluate coffee... Read More

Black, white, kraft and green bags

because our bag supplier can't prepare our custom bags fast enough sometimes.... Read More

Shipping International orders

sorry, we do not ship outside of Australia or NZ.... Read More

December 2015 Shipping Update

Some prices have come down, especially Melbourne metro. We have introduced express options for many cities.... Read More

Safe Drop parcel delivery option

this allows you to request different options in relation to the final stage of your delivery... Read More

User Registration

No financial details are stored on our website - just your name, addresses and phone contact number. We do not hand out personal information to 3rd parties.... Read More

Why use pictures of coffee bags

Pictures of raw coffee bags break up the monotony of having to show images of coffee beans.... Read More

Ground coffees
Coffee Quality Lifecycle

we cover just a few of the more important aspects of maintaining coffee quality.... Read More