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mycuppa has delicious tasting drinking chocolate powders made in Melbourne, Australia.

Drinking Chocolate

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Okay, we appreciate that not everyone drinks coffee but still likes a warm beverage. 

So, aside from our fresh roasted coffee beans, we also sell quality drinking chocolate.

You can also use these chocolate powders in cooking or on top of a cappuccino or mocha.

All of our chocolate powders are manufactured here in Melbourne.

Each pack contains full nutritional information printed on the bag. 

Try our selection of drinking chocolates - perfect for the home, office, or cafe.

Important Note:

Vending chocolate requires special preparation with flow agents to work properly in automatic systems. 

Please ensure that you select the Vending product if you require this feature, as the other chocolate powders may not work effectively in Automatic systems.

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mycuppa does things differently to other coffee brands. Here we explain how.

we do things differently @mycuppa

From the world's best coffee farms, we go further than any other brand to control quality at every stage - hermetic seals on raw ingredients, temperature controlled storage and rapid roast, pack and ship - all completed in hours, not days, weeks or months.

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