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mycuppa Grand Cru coffees represent the best available grades with amazing tastes.

Grand Cru Coffees

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With Australia's largest fresh coffee bean stores offering from almost every growing origin (a few minor exceptions due to quality or supply), mycuppa's portfolio extends to Rainforest Alliance, direct trade, and certified organic coffees for sale.

What is a Grand Cru Coffee?

Coffee production has many similarities to the wine industry, such as the soil and climate of growing conditions. Just like a winemaker, coffee will be influenced by how the farmer manages their crop and the processing of the product.

Roasting coffee involves reviewing the finished product's performance—daily tasks, tasting and evaluating samples. When coffee is well received or popular amongst our customers or elicits memorable moments, it is elevated for inclusion in the Grand Cru list.

What does it take to make the Grand Cru Coffee list?

Previously, we used Limited Estate coffees to represent unique or high-quality examples of an origin or specific bean type. Grand Cru coffee beans are not chosen based on hype or technical scores. Instead, the selection is purely based on performance and customer feedback, ensuring that only the proven coffees make it to the Grand Cru Coffee list.

As our Grand Cru coffees are not selected based on the opinions of judges or experts, we value your opinion and believe that you, our esteemed customers, are the most important judges of our coffee's quality.

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mycuppa does things differently to other coffee brands. Here we explain how.

we do things differently @mycuppa

From the world's best coffee farms, we go further than any other brand to control quality at every stage - hermetic seals on raw ingredients, temperature controlled storage and rapid roast, pack and ship - all completed in hours, not days, weeks or months.

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