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Ethiopia Organic


Flavor intensity : 8

Pack Size
Option to Grind

Cup and Taste Notes

Flavor : Peach flavors, lemon and black tea with a caramel finish

Acidity : High with plum citrus

Body : Rich and full

Aroma : Wild fruits, berries, forest floor, spices

Roaster's Notes

A highly versatile coffee, we love how well it cuts through milk with that adorable juicy acidity that remains bold in the cup.

Roasted to a medium level to retain fruit complexity and to keep the acid balance in check.

Our organic Ethiopian coffee is sweet, clean and powerful.
This cup has it all in spades.

Brew Recipe

Brew recipes are only intended as a rough and general guide. Always adjust recipe parameters to suit your own personal taste.

Dose - 19 grams

Yield - 40 grams

Time - 28 seconds

Ratio - 1 over 1.85

Guide - Tight or restricted shots are likely to yield nice cup balance. As a washed coffee, this Ethiopia Organic behaves similar to the Sidamo washed with even more acids and will work great for any milk or dairy alternative brews.

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Suitable for : Espresso, Stovetop, Drip/Filter, Percolator, Plunger

Juicy acidity and plenty of rich caramel flavors make this ideal for your milk or dairy-alternative brews.


Organic Ethiopia Coffee Beans

Buy 500g or 1kg of our certified Organic Ethiopian coffee bean.

It has a high-flavoured intensity and delicious citrus acidity, which pairs well with milk or dairy alternatives.

We continue to buy this specific lot of coffee each season, as it is one of Australia's best Ethiopian Organic coffees.

With a thick, syrupy body, plenty of caramel and toffee is in the mid-palate.

We love the sweet, long chocolate finish when adding milk is added.

Our regular customers love the full, rounded cup and delightful chocolate finish these organic Ethiopian coffee beans deliver.

The current organic Ethiopian coffee we have in stock is from the award-winning Oromia Estate. 

Altitude : 1,400 m.a.s.l 

What is the difference between the various Ethiopia Sidamos in the store?

Sidamo has more peach and grade with Swiss chocolate.

Sidamo ORGANIC has more lemon, lime, stone fruit acidity and a juicier body. 

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mycuppa uses a full cast iron coffee roaster for maximum flavor and sweetness

Why our coffees are different

Our custom SUPA-ROASTA is a one-of-a-kind, fully cast-iron platform using the most advanced computer controls for ultra-precise roasting of the best-tasting coffees.
These days, complete cast-iron roasting systems are extremely rare. Only cast-iron platforms can impart that highly desirable soft, moist heat into the coffee beans.
Would the best chefs and BBQ experts cook their culinary delights on Stainless, Alloy or Mild Steel or Air ?
Nope, neither would we.
mycuppa's SUPA-ROASTA creates coffees with smooth, rich, high-flavoured tastes, full and syrupy body, fine acidity and of course our trademark long, sweet finish.
Nothing compares.

how we roast your coffee

Roasting coffee is a precise science. These days, computer profiles perform most of the automated tasks for controlling a roast profile. However, through better quality control via tasting, testing and optimization, we can make a big difference to the finished product through setting special parameters.

Click on the "+" symbols to learn more about how we roast your coffees.

mycuppa explains the delicate balance when roasting coffees for exceptional flavors
Whole bean coffee stays fresher for much longer than ground coffees

Ground coffee is poor value

Whole beans are the only way to enjoy freshly roasted coffee.

The moment coffee beans are ground, most of the essential, active compounds in ground coffee oxidize rapidly, losing vitality, aroma, flavour and body.

Ground coffee barely lasts 15 minutes; even sealed packs lose more than 80% of the critical essence in 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, once you open and close that pack, it's game over, and the ground coffee continues to stale at 20x the rate of whole beans inside of a sealed, unopened pack.

If you love coffee, please don't waste money buying pre-ground packs; you only get a small part of the wonderful coffee experience.

Buy a decent grinder and purchase whole beans; it makes a huge difference in aroma, flavour, and enjoyment.

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mycuppa does things differently to other coffee brands. Here we explain how.

we do things differently @mycuppa

From the world's best coffee farms, we go further than any other brand to control quality at every stage - hermetic seals on raw ingredients, temperature-controlled storage and rapid roast, pack and shipping - all completed in hours, not days, weeks or months.

Find out why coffee lovers keep coming back for the best-value coffee in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Trent J.
Bold and beautiful

This is the only coffee that satisfies my craving without bitterness. Has good flavors.

Carter K.
Great in milk

So often we had tasted coffees from other brands that were weak after milk was added. This one stands up properly.

Nan M.
Nice caramel

Enjoyed the caramel tastes in this coffee.

Indigo P.

Perfect for a chocolate flavor in a latte.

David R.
Totally enjoyable

It is the 5th time we have bought this coffee and every time it tastes excellent. Thanks

1kg bag Ethiopia Organic single origin mycuppa coffee

Ethiopia Organic

From $22.00
Organic Ethiopia Coffee Beans Buy 500g or 1kg of our certified Organic Ethiopian coffee bean. It has a high-flavoured intensity...

Pack Size

  • 1kg
  • 500g

Option to Grind

  • Whole Bean
  • Espresso grind
  • Stovetop grind
  • Aeropress grind
  • Drip/Filter grind
  • Pour Over grind
  • Plunger grind




Peach flavors, lemon and black tea with a caramel finish


High with plum citrus


Wild fruits, berries, forest floor, spices


Rich and full
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