Security Policy

We take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information which we hold about you.
Personal information may be stored both electronically on our computer system, and in hard-copy form, however, as with most modern companies there is minimal information retained in hardcopy format.
This information is required for our standard business reporting obligations as per normal Australian company operations as well as basic sales summary data for certain external organisations that require us to achieve and maintain compliance, such as FLANZ for FAIRTRADE certification.
Firewalls, 2048 Bit v3 SSL encryption, passwords, anti-virus software and email filters act to protect all our electronic information.
We also utilize some of the industry's most advanced fraud detection features and our software applications and infrastructure are PCI compliant.
All payments are processed using secure, trusted, accredited payment gateway providers.
We do not store any credit card information whatsoever on our systems, so if you are a hacker thinking this is an old-school system then you are wasting your time and we suggest you look elsewhere.
Payments are processed using the highest level of secure encrypted credit card information to our payment gateway provders for processing. 
As per our Privacy Policy, we will never share or sell your personal contact information to any outstide entity.
If you have any concerns about our security policy when it comes to buying coffee beans online, then please let us know.