December 2023 - Secret Label tastes like Xmas pudding, Tanzania Special Reserve. Xmas trading hours

Date Posted:18 December 2023 

"Love the giver more than the gift."- Brigham Young

December 2023

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With only a week remaining until Christmas, if you still need to stock up on adequate supplies of freshly roasted coffee, please take the hint and get onto it now.

We have released a new, Special Reserve Tanzania coffee deserving of Grand Cru status. Notes of rock melon and bold caramel in a delicate, sweet citrus acidity make this coffee a delightful example of Tanzania's best coffee.

December's Secret Label was crafted in a spirit we think "tastes like Xmas".

Beautifully sweet fruit cake with delicious chocolate makes for a delightful treat.

But what we love best is the gloriously silky body with rich textures of caramel and toffee and hints of honey and nougat, just like a Toblerone chocolate.

Our trading hours between Christmas and the New Year are listed below. 

A New Year and a New Look

Over the last eight months, we have been working behind the scenes to rebuild the mycuppa platform using different technologies.

Transitioning to the new platform brings some great new features and benefits for our customers, however, the migration also comes with an expected dose of short-term pain as passwords are not able to be carried across.

Please stay subscribed to benefit from the important updates regarding accessing the new mycuppa system released in early 2024.

Thanks for all your wonderful support and loyalty throughout the year; we wish all our customers a great Christmas and New Year.

Secret Label

Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

After 17 years of resisting, I thought, "What the heck, let's build a Xmas coffee".

How tragic and utterly commercial!

The antithesis of my beliefs and personality, although claiming I have a personality, is a real stretch.

As to why this happened, I can't honestly explain, except that trying to find new boundaries to push for our wildly popular Secret Label is becoming difficult.

So what is a "Xmas" coffee?

I have no idea. It could be anything and everything, but it must still be excellent and, at the very least, memorable.

It's a cracking coffee, and the worst part is that December is a short month, and this baby won't be available for much longer.

That means when the big clock chimes in 2024, there will be no more of this wonderful blend roasted.

So, let's start by describing a different area first - the body of a coffee.

An important attribute often overlooked or underrated, especially by some pretentious Specialty coffee brands unable to produce a coffee with a half-decent body. Yep, you know them. They're charging you double for a coffee that should be half.

There are a few reasons why some coffee brands fail to produce coffee with a decent body. It could be a lack of skill, or their preferred roasting style could be more focused or biased too heavily on something else like acidity.

Here, we have a silky and smooth body. Think trademark mycuppa long finish, and that folks is the bomb.

Then we have fruits and chocolate.

It's always a challenging combination to balance fruit versus chocolate as there is more competition in the cup than a pair of young boys fighting over who gets to open their Xmas presents first.

But somehow, we prevailed in blending just the right levels of fruit and chocolate to give a refreshing and pleasant taste.

If I'm not mistaken, we have a harmonious choir of caramel and toffee with honey and nougat displaying notes of "Toblerone" in the cup.

Then we have acidity. 

Acids are the most difficult and risky attribute in coffee, just like playing with fire, except in Australia, it's damn hot already in December.

Yet we tamed the acidity beast with a smooth, rounded, juicy cup that adds sweetness and complexity.

December's Secret Label is as delicious as a black coffee; you will run back for more.

Order here to find out if we have nailed the Xmas coffee brief.

Xmas Trading Hours

21/12/23 - last roasting day before Xmas

22/12/23 - MIDDAY - Final shipping before Christmas. Sorry, no shipping after midday.

29/12/23 - Roasting and shipping restarted.

Here are some handy points to keep in mind.

  • Closed from midday on 22/12/23 until the morning of 29/12/23. 
  • Our mycuppa store remains open 24/7 to accept orders.
  • Orders placed after midday on 22 December 2023 are processed when we return on 29 December 2023 or 2 January 2024.
  • Please be mindful that we cannot process an entire week's orders in a single day. Any orders not shipped on the 29 December will carry over to the next business day, 2 January 2024.
  • Recommend customers order either before 19 December or after 4 January.

We also remind our customers that all orders are processed on a FIFO basis, regardless of whether the selected shipping is Express or Standard. Express shipping does not "jump the queue".