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Interesting coffees with distinctive, powerful cups.

East Timor has a long and interesting history with coffee.

First introduced by the Portugese around the 1860's, coffee grew to account for up to half of East Timor's total export value, but it declined in the mid- 1970's when Indonesia took back control of the colony.

Since the early 2000's, soon after independence, the coffee industry was rapidly re-built and today it's regarded as having great potential for higher quality lots.

One of the standout features of East Timor coffees is the majority of coffee product is naturally organic - pesticides and fertilizers were never introduced and the coffe benefits from 100% shade grown.

Growing conditions in East Timor are not ideal for coffee farming due to the lower levels of rainfall, but the innovative practices and farm management skills being taught by International Development agencies are ensuring East Timor remains a reliable producer in of the global coffee market.

Our offering is certified FAIRTRADE and Organic, a lovely lot and the best quality available in Australia - rich buttery body, sweet grape acidity and a long clean finish.

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East Timor Organic

East Timor Organic

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