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There is no doubt that Kenya has commanded the prime position at the top of the coffee quality tree and mycuppa is arguably the largest supplier of high quality single origin Kenyan coffee beans in Australia - not by variety, but sheer volume.

What that means is that we buy up many of the top lots that are imported in the country - quite simply we need to in order to keep up supply as we roast a lot of Kenyan every single day.

Most coffee companies are afraid to buy Kenyans because they are really expensive, literally 200 - 400% more expensive than other origins and for many coffee roasters this is an uncomfortable prospect as they generally worry about if they can sell. Not us, we pump out a lot of fresh roasted quality Kenyan every day.

About Kenyan Coffee Farmers

Kenyan farmers employ the most stringent professional practices, the elevations are amongst the highest in the world and the overall focus on quality from farmer to processor and market are un-matched in any other coffee growing origin.

Kenya coffees are generally the most expensive in the world (with the exception of Jamaica Blue Mountain and some Hawaii and Kona origins).

The auction system used by Kenya ensures lots are fully traceable and for this reason the reputation developed by some regions and estates within Kenya ensure they command the high price.

Kenyan coffee beans are hard and dense. As such, they pack a high flavor punch, more so than just about any other origin and whilst Kenyan coffees have high acidity, it's super-sweet and enjoyable

Our single origin Kenyan coffee beans have dark chocolate complexity with a long, winey finish.

The new microlot arrived into our warehouse in April 2020. It's an AB screen size (physical dimensions) and we specifically sourced this lot because of it's amazing sweetness and clarity - a perfect, classic example of Kenya at it's best.

Contact us if you need any help choosing between the beans as we want you to enjoy our coffee as much as possible.



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