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When we started with coffee, one of the earliest memories of roasting involved beautiful El-Salvador coffee beans.

The result was sensational and so exciting that it branded El Salvador coffee as an all-time favorite and ever since we have had a special love-affair with El-Salvador coffees.

Being from Central America and high-grown, they are like Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffee beans - hard and dense beans that deliver superb sweetness and brighten any cup.

We hold up to 3 different El Salvador coffees at any time as these lots are used in some of our blends to provide that deep, satisfying richness and sweet flavours. Therefore, we rotate the lots every couple of weeks to keep it interesting and avoid being bored or palate fatigue from drinking the same coffees over and over.

Please Contact us if you need any help understanding the coffee beans as we want you to enjoy best coffee you can each day.

El Salvador is ideally suited to milk-based espresso beverages such as flat white, cappuccino, latte, etc.

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El Salvador

El Salvador

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