Single Origin Coffee Beans From Costa Rica

Costa Rican beans are grown at high-altitude and are a very "hard" or dense bean.

They are also regarded as one of the best coffees from the Central American region and Costa Rican coffee farmers generally lead the world in their farming techniques and dedication to quality.

When roasted well, single origin Costa Rica beans are sweet and have a high acid rating, making an ideal companion to milk-based coffees such as latte, cappuccino, flat-white, etc.

For the last 12 years, we had always offered at least three(3) different Costa Rican coffees in our single origin section, however, the last couple of years it's become a lot more difficult to source Costa Rican coffees as the overall harvest volumes have dropped considerably, prices shot upwards and import brokers are scaling back their buying quantities.

From April 2020, we are reducing our range of Costa Rican coffees to focus on our favorite offering - Jaguar.

Costa Rica has a diverse economy across manufacturing, tourism, real estate and therefore it has become less reliant on coffee commodities compared to other Central American origins such as Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

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Costa Rica Jaguar

Costa Rica Jaguar

mild strong

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