Single Origin Coffee Beans From Honduras

Honduras has been the stand out star of the coffee universe over the last decade, shifting from a reputation as a bulk commercial supplier into a powerhouse of high grade specialty.

Today, Honduras is the go-to origin for many coffee roasters seeking excellent quality and consistency.

Honduran coffee beans are a very under-rated in our opinion and you only need to look at the recent winners of World Barista comps to see that quality is a clear strategy of Honduran farmers to elevate their position and performance in the global coffee market.

We believe they punch way above their weight and have something that other Central's don't always have - superb balance.

This makes single origin Honduran coffee beans a wonderful addition in many espresso blends, delivering sublime sweetness and great body. Black coffee is great when it is Honduran.

We believe we have a fine selection of single origin coffee beans from Honduras for you to choose from. We also offer fast delivery of the freshest roasted beans you will find in Australia.

Please contact us if you need any help choosing between the beans as we want you to enjoy our coffee as much as possible.

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Honduras Microlot 87

Honduras Microlot 87

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