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There is a lot to read here about choosing the best filter coffee beans online. It is important to understand the distinction between two different styles of roasting coffee. We encourage you to absorb as much as you possibly can so that we can make the Filter Style coffee experience as enjoyable as possible.

At the bottom of the page there is a Colombian filter coffee we recommend as the best offering for those who like to brew through a filter . It also suits other alternative brewing methods, such as cold brew, drip, syphon and Aeropress

It's offered at a great price for high quality specialty filter coffee beans chosen for their distinct flavour profiles.

There has been a significant change to our roasting for filter coffee that has been a long time in the planning, testing and development phase. We have installed a specialized platform that is dedicated to roasting small batch filter coffees as an investment for this important and growing category.

The Growing Demand For Filter Coffee Beans

Our Filter Coffee offering is a smaller subset of our entire coffee portfolio. There are only just a couple of coffees we make available, roasted for filter style coffee specifically. As filter style is growing at a faster rate than espresso, we anticipate that as demand increases over time, we will add more coffees to the Filter Style list.

There are no real limitations upon us other than ensuring we turn over the coffees within 48hrs. This is due to our obsession with freshness. It means you can order the best filter coffee online here, and be sure we ship it fresh.

We sell between 2 - 3 tons every of espresso roasted coffee beans every week. For filter coffee, it's a much smaller amount. Therefore our #1 focus, just like our espresso coffees, is to manage the freshness. Hence we won't be holding high inventory levels of roasted filter coffees, just small batches roasted more frequently.

What Coffees Are Suitable For Filter Brewing?

It's important to understand that not all coffees are suitable for filter roasting, or to be recommended for filter brewing. Generally, the coffees must display something exceptional. Typically, they are higher grade micro-lots we know work well in a filter brew situation, through our extensive testing.

Roasted lighter, it's fair to say that Filter Style coffee beans are not always suitable for espresso extraction either. So buying one coffee for both uses is not really recommended if quality is what you want. The exception is of course, if you have high-quality machines, grinders and skill levels, needed to deal with lighter roast styles.

Another is if you don't intend to drink your coffees with milk as this can alter the finished beverage.

Filter style coffees through espresso machines lack body, flavour, viscosity, and finish. For a complete breakdown of which coffee bean is the best for your brewing method then click this link.

Those with Chemex, Kone, Aeropress, V60, Pour overs, Cold Filtered brewers such as Yama, etc, Syphons or any of the various non-espresso brew methods, I encourage you to give our new Filter Coffee Beans a run.

Filter Coffee Preparation And Guidelines

Preparing filter coffee is one of the most delicate methods of brewing coffees. Bringing out the true character and clarity of flavors is an art. Mostly, it's a big experiment where you are changing grind, dose, temperature, contact time, etc.

Please be aware of the following guidelines regarding our Filter Style Coffees, as these differ from our general-purpose espresso offerings:

  • Coffees on our Filter list are different to our non-filter coffees and they are also more expensive both in terms of sourcing and production costs.

  • At any time, we are only roasting and holding a small level of stock for each of the filter coffees, therefore if the system shows the coffee as "back order". It means there is none available at the time you placed that order and it will be scheduled for the next filter roasting production, likely the following day.

  • Online filter coffee orders placed for in-stock and back-order items will ship when the full order is ready.

  • IMPORTANT - Filter coffees are not offered as "a la carte" roasting. Please don't send us requests asking to roast coffee X, Y and Z as filter roast. Also please don't ask us to roast it for you lighter or darker when they are not currently on the Filter list. There is a science, engineering and precision behind what we offer, it's not just fly by the seat of your pants.  

  • Turnaround time for filter coffees may at times be slower than our current portfolio of super-fast same-day dispatch. If the filter coffee is showing as "back order" it will be roasted when the next production of filter coffees is run. Generally, this will be the following business day but could extend to 2 business days at certain periods when our schedules are over-loaded.

  • The coffees have been extensively tested to achieve the "best balance" across the wide spectrum of light roasted coffee brewing. It's not Nordic light and it's not old-school US dark. It's a spot we think works as devotees to Aeropress and V60. We also undertake regular testing and analysis.

  • PLEASE, Please, please be sure you know exactly what you are doing when ordering Filter Style coffee. If there is any doubt please reach out and contact us. These are generally not suitable for low-end domestic espresso coffee machines or the older-style percolators and Melitta Drip-o-laters that prefer a darker roast style and higher solubility.

  • When you buy filter coffee beans online, you can be sure they are super fresh like all of our premiium coffee beans.

Ethiopia Filter Roast

Ethiopia Filter Roast

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