Coffee Capsules & PODS

Coffee PODS and Coffee Capsules Are Different...

Please ensure you select the correct product.

Whilst the following information is not an exhaustive list of DO's and DON'Ts.........we hope this can assist in clarifying the confusing world of coffee pods and capsules.

Before reading further, please understand we do not sell or support equipment. Therefore, we do not undertake detailed testing of every single piece of equipment available in the market - so, we cannot answer questions about compatibility - we are quality coffee roasters manufacturing precise coffee consumables to the international standards for the 7g E.S.E. pod and Nespresso* compatible capsule machines**.

We respectfully ask to please NOT send us questions asking whether "brand or model X suits pod or capsule Y", or "I have a A type machine and want to try something different, please help me as my coffee tastes terrible".

Helpful information is contained within each of our product descriptions and is provided to assist in answering most common questions.

Is Your Machine POD Or Capsule Compatible?

There is a lot of confusion in the market as to what is actually a "pod" or a "capsule" - often the terms are inter-changed.

The situation is not helped by the majority of equipment makers after a "fast buck" by flogging gear with little or no concern as to the long-term use of consumables by the customer - or worse, being sneaky by locking in consumers to a closed system forcing you to purchase their mediocre quality consumables for the life of the equipment.

Some manufacturers are deceptively lazy by using the word "pod" in their Owner's Manual without defining the specification, e.g. 7g E.S.E compatible.

Without getting too hung up on specifics, the general evolution of single-serve portion control coffee beverages (a.k.a the pod or capsule) has categorized a pod as similar to the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) standard popular in Europe whereas a coffee capsule is something similar to the Nespresso system used by the likes of Aldi, Nespresso, Lavazza, MAP, Caffitaly, Illy, etc.

It's very important to note that systems are not inter-changeable - you can't use a coffee pod or capsule on your machine if it was not designed or produced for that precise system.

The fit needs to be very precise otherwise the coffee extraction will fail - resulting in brown water devoid of the essential oils and flavours of coffee.

General Brands Compatibility

A lot of people send us messages asking for the dimensions of an E.S.E coffee pod in the hope it might suit some obscure piece of equipment. Unfortunately, this is not how you check compatibility of a consumable like a pod or capsule with your equipment - the owners manual or machine supplier/manufacturer is the only source of information and ultimate confirmation of compatibility - please don't ask pod suppliers as it is the same as asking a Petrol Station attendant what fuel to use in your car - there is a high risk of mistake !.

We often have customers purchase our E.S.E. PODS thinking they will work on their Nespresso, Caffitaly, Philips or Aldi capsule machines - NO.

Nespresso compatible capsules - which we also sell in our store here, will work only on approved Nespresso compatible capsule machine models - they will not work on Caffitaly, Aldi, Lavazza, Philips, Illy, Miele or MAP machines.

An E.S.E. pod looks a bit larger than a condom packet, has a flat flying saucer-like appearance and constructed using filter paper - it does not look like a Nespresso capsule.

E.S.E pods will only work on a 7g E.S.E machine or an espresso machine that contains a 7g ESE filter basket.

If you are in any doubt as to what an E.S.E. coffee pod looks like, please review the photos in our E.S.E. Pod category section of the store and check your machine manual for the words ESE or Easy Serving Espresso - here.

Also kindly note, E.S.E. coffee pods DO NOT work on Philips Senseo machines. They look somewhat similar in general shape, but they do not work. Owners of Philips Senseo type machines are encouraged to seek an alternative machine due to the limited and rapidly diminishing availability of Senseo pods in the Australian market.

Beans Roasted In Small Batches, For Freshness

We roast in small batches compared to almost every other supplier in Australia. The ensures we can turn over our stock in weeks, not months.

Please also note that imported pods and capsules are degraded by the moment they arrive via sea-freight in Australia. They will have also suffered from heat exposure in shipping containers that accelerates the deterioration of the product quality.


* Nespresso is a trademark owned by Societe Des Products Nestle SA and is used in our documents, articles and listings in a descriptive capacity only. We are not affiliated with, supported or endorsed by Nespresso (Societe Des Products Nestle SA). Our intent is to define a purpose that our coffee capsules are compatible with and operate successfully in capsule machines that use certain licensed Nespresso technology.

** Nespresso automatic commercial systems are not compatible with our capsules.


ESE Coffee Pods - Box of 150

ESE Coffee Pods - Box of 150

mild strong


ESE Coffee Pods - Box of 50

ESE Coffee Pods - Box of 50

mild strong


ESE Decaf Coffee Pods - Box of 50

ESE Decaf Coffee Pods - Box of 50

mild strong