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We have a fine selection of single origin coffee beans from Sumatra for you to choose from.

Contact us if you need any help choosing between the beans as we want you to enjoy our coffee as much as possible.

Indonesian coffees are respected for their lower acidity, intense and juicy body with an ability to generate monster crema.

For these reasons, Indonesian (Sumatra) coffees are used in high-quality espresso blends.

We also like the chocolate notes from the Sumatran coffees - these are traditionally used in Mocha blends.

Since 2016, Sumatran coffees have become more difficult to source due to lower harvest volumes caused by abnormal or extreme weather patterns during the growing and processing seasons.

Heavy rains at the wrong time can ruin crops or spoil coffees that are picked and drying in the wet hull method.

Prices for Sumatran coffees continue to rise and they are now demanding top dollar in the market, so import brokers and traders are often scaling back their sourcing which has a direct impact upon what Australia coffee roasters can purchase.

We have recently dropped Sulawesi from our range temporarily - this may change if we can source a reasonable supply.

Also dropped from April 2020 is the Aceh Gayo and we may also consider dropping the Blue Batak if we can't purchase coffee on reasonable terms.

Please be aware - the pricing for Sumatran coffee beans reflects the premiums we are bound to pay in the market to source quality lots - they are expensive, a reason many coffee companies in Australia don't list them for sale as single origin !

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Sumatra Lake Tawar

Sumatra Lake Tawar

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