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We sell hand selected, premium quality Single-Origin coffees from many regions around the world, including Rwanda. If you want to buy fresh Rwanda coffee beans online then we are confident you will love our selection below.

Like all of our beans, our Rwandan coffee beans are roasted with the goal of representing the true characteristics of the beans. Our team also pack them using the latest technology to get the to our clients as fresh as possible. Quality and freshness is paramount to us here at My Cuppa.

We have a beautiful single origin lot from Rwanda at the moment. If you want to try coffee ebans from Rwanda, then the Inzovu is well worth a run through your machine. There is a better description on the product page itself, and the price is so competitive.

Contact us if you need any help choosing between any of our single origin coffee beans. We want you to enjoy our coffee as much as possible, just like we do. With utmost confidence we can recommend our single origin Rwanda COffee ebans for anyone who truly loves coffee.

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Rwanda Inzovu

Rwanda Inzovu

mild strong

From $21.50

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