Mighty Monsoon Malabar AA

A totally unique coffee experience -
something you should have on your coffee bucket list




We are always sourcing this must-have coffee for our store. There are times during the year we actually run out of raw MM, but we do our best to keep good holdings.

If there was ever a cult-bean, this baby is IT !


Yes, the beast is back after an extended hiatus.


What else has not been said about the Monsoon Malabar AA.


This is a bean that every lover of coffee should have on their Bucket List.


Monsoon Malabar AA is grown and processed in the green (raw) state using 100% Arabica beans sourced from the best plantations in India.

The Malabar coast provides ideal conditions for the monsoon winds to season the beans stored in open warehouses for up to 3-4 months. The seasoning or monsooning process is carefully controlled to reduce the risk of excessive taints.

The beans are fresh roasted by us once a week however it is a well known fact that Monsoon Malabar is best enjoyed well-rested up to 15+ or even 20 days past the roast date once the beans have fully stabilised. This extended resting period delivers a superb flavor balance that is largely absent in the first 10+ days post roast.

In the roasted state, Monsoon Malabar does not provide the beautiful sweet coffee aromatics found in African or Central American coffees. Instead, you are faced with a funky, musty, earthy, even tending towards savoury or briny aroma. Please do not be put off by the aroma of the whole bean coffee.

Very low acidity - one of the lowest acid beans available. As a result of the low acidity, it produces extremely thick, rich and full cup via espresso extraction.

The flavour is sweet and intense providing one of the longest finishes (after-taste) of any bean.

Monsooning describes the process that coffee beans were subjected to in the early days of transporting them over many months by ship, mostly from India to Europe. The high humidity and sea air combined to force a ripening of the coffee and transformed it from its fresh green appearance we usualy expect to see in raw coffee beans to a paler yellow colour that gives the illusion of beans that have been aged.

These days the processing of the monsooning coffee beans is a control modern step that is carefully controlled to ensure both quality and the consistency the market demands.