Guatemala Antigua Monterrey

We love Guatemalan coffees -
Antigua delivers that classic coffee flavor combined with exceptional sweetness and notes of dark chocolate



Guatemala coffees are revered around the world for possessing some of the highest and sweetest flavors


Guatamalan Coffee Beans

There are 2 common types of Guatemala coffees imported into Australia - Antigua and Huehuetanango (HueHue for short).

Monterrey comes from the Antigua region where the older trees have been producing exceptional coffees over a long period.

A classic Antigua delivers sublime dark chocolate with a crisp, clean, sweet finish.

Antigua delivers a stronger flavor that tends to punch well above it's weight.

The bean is very hard/dense, growing over 1,200m above sea level in rich volcanic soil that is well drained, deep and stony with a perfect pH of 5.5.

Processed in the traditional wet mill and harvested from October through to March.

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