Costa Rica FTO

A delightful FTO coffee -
sweet, rich with a long toffee finish.

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This outstanding COSTA RICA coffee is rich, bright, sweet and clean.
For those of you into ethical coffees, it's certified FAIRTRADE and Organic.

Costa Rican Coffee Beans

We love Costa Rican coffees for their rich sweetness - they add zing to any blend and brighten up a coffee when it is used with milk.

Let's face it, 95+% of the coffee beverages prepared in Australia are milk-based so we look towards these Costa Rica coffees to add that crisp, clean finish.

Hints of apple, apricot and some dry fig in the cup.

Certified FAIRTRADE & Organic - FLO ID 718

Available in the store now - grab these awesome Costa Rican coffee beans before they have all run out the door.