Bolivia FTO

Date Posted:10 October 2010 

Article describing the Bolivia FTO coffee
A FAIRTRADE Organic coffee.


Bolivian FTO Coffee Beans


Unfortunately, we are unable to source any more Bolivia FARITRADE Organic coffees.

We do not anticipate this situation changing in the near term.

We would recommend choosing from one of the neighboring regions such as a single origin nicarguan bean or costa rican coffee beans.

Bolovia double-certified FAIRTRADE + Organic coffee.

Well we love it.

What can we say. 

Bolivia is an under-rated origin in terms of quality and reputation.

Similar in bean varietal and growing conditions to many Central American high-grown arabica coffees, what sets this coffee apart is the pronounced high flavor, chocolate sweetness and clean finish.

In many respects, this coffee possesses an almost a perfect "classic" coffee cup profile.

We only ever hold limited stocks of this bean so order them whenever they are available. If you want to try one of our favorite coffees, the order yours today. 

As mentioned, these are all sold out, you can also find many other fairtrade organic coffee beans to buy here.