Date Posted:1 September 2010 

Important information that explains the processes involved with shipping your orders. We offer a range of freight services depending upon your location.

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This page is here to clear up any confusion about having coffee beans delivered by us. We are all about quality, quality, quality. So our packaging and delivery reflect that.

Local Pickup/Collection is NOT AVAILABLE


Our Shipping Options

Please take a few moments to read the information presented below about how our coffee beans are delivered. It also explains how postage of parcels operate around Australia and New Zealand.

In particular, please be aware that track & trace of parcels is used by default and you will recieve an email notification from Australia Post or Sendle allowing you to personally follow the progress and arrival of the parcel at your destination.

Track and Trace means a signature is required on delivery. This the is default/standard setting for all our parcels to ensure security.

You are welcome to select the check box in the Checkout which will advise us of your Authority to Leave - you may also enter comments in the checkout page that will allow the delivery agent to leave the parcel without a signature.

We are not responsible for delivery agents that do not follow instructions and please be aware that delivery agents are unlikely to enter into your premises such as around the rear of properties to deliver or leave parcels. This policy has recently been restricted to just the front of the premises as many places do not have adequate parking and the safety of the delivery agent is paramount.

When you have selected Authority to Leave, under these circumstances we can only track and trace the parcel being left unattended.

If a delivery attempt has been made by the freight company, they may notify you that a parcel is awaiting collection - it is not always a requirement that the delivery agent leaves a collection card when there has been an unsuccessful attempt at delivery. Please bear this in mind as freight companies are currently moving all of their manual processes to electronic means, therefore the days of a notification card are fast disappearing - you must rely upon email tracking notifications.

If you contact us and request us to co-ordinate a re-delivery, please understand this is unfortunately not possible as once the parcel leaves our warehouse, we cannot change or divert it's destination. It will be your responsibility to attend the freight company's designated collections centre (typically, your Local Post Office, or sometimes referred to as LPO) and collect the consignment if nobody was in attendance when the agent attempted to deliver.

This restriction is due to freight companies not being able to provide for any type of parcel re-direction (by default) once the consignment has been lodged and is in transit - e.g. we lose control of the parcel once it has been collected from our warehouse during the despatch stage.

In November 2015, Australia Post released new features to their myPOST service to introduce additional delivery options - one of these option is the customer choice of Safe Drop - see this article for more information.

From 2 April 2017, Australia Post has changed their default delivery mode to "SAFE DROP". The delivery agent will assess whether a safe location is available to leave your parcel. If not, the item will be returned to the LPO and you will need to attend the LPO to collect your parcel.

Delivery options are accessed via the email link sent to you by Australia Post indicating your consignment details and it is in the AusPost system where you can perform additional final delivery options. Australia Post may ask you to pay for certain advanced options or features directly (this has nothing to do with - it is purely extra convenience delivery options offered by Australia Post).

Just to confirm - once a parcel is in transit, it can only be revised by you (not us) via the Australia Post myPOST system. We cannot change consignment records once despatched as the record is LOCKED by Australia Post within our merchant interface. The same rule applies for TNT Express parcels.

If you fail to collect your parcel after an alloted time (typically 15 days, but sometimes shorter), AusPost may declare the parcel undeliverable and will then initiate a Return To Sender, which takes many days (or many weeks) for the parcel to be sent back to us. Please be aware this involves additional postage fees for both us and you, e.g. we (mycuppa) are charged a return to sender fee by the freight provider.

For Sendle parcels, the timeframe that a parcel is held is much shorter - typically 5 day. After that period, the item is returned to us and you will need to pay for us to re-ship the item to you a second time.

Also note that NO INSURANCE is provided for any parcels by default for all Australia Post parcels - regardless of the value.

This is due to freight carriers accepting ZERO responsibility for lost of damaged items whilst in their possession.

We are not happy with this situation, but we have no choice in the matter after enduring countless issues in attempting to lodge claims or rectify issues with Freight providers.

This particular aspect of our business relationship with AusPost that remains a challenge.

Sendle includes free insurance.

How are my shipping charges determined ?

There is no such concept of a standard freight charge - all freight is charged based upon 3 variable factors - weight, cubic volume and postcode.

We do not use satchels - we use brand new cartons to protect against the rough handling by Australian freight providers.

If you call or email us asking how much it costs for delivering a parcel to you, please be aware that we may not be able to provide accurate information and that will only supply rough estimates over the phone, There are more than 3,500 freight price combinations in our system and we cannot remember every postcode, zone and price. Our system has a freight calculator that determines postage rates real-time within each product page if you enter the quantity and postcode, therefore you can see this information before placing an order.

As a general rule, we do not provide freight quotes over the phone or on email as they are subject to change based on variable fuel surcharges, residential delivery surcharges, remote area surchages, 3rd party agent surchages, contract amendments and what items you place into the shopping basket, etc. It's not simple because freight companies are sneaky and apply all sorts of surchages to freight.

The most efficient and convenient method to determine your shipping charges is to Add Items to your shopping basket and then View the Cart at the Checkout - you do not need to complete the transaction and can abandon if you feel the charges are not acceptable. does not profit from shipping charges—our service is at cost and we do not factor our time or other costs such as special lodgement requirements, cartons or labels into our delivery charges.We also do not factor in the costs of damaged parcels.

The shopping cart calculates the shipping charges based upon the variable rates that apply using weight, cubic volume and distance.

The charges are calculated using the greater value of either the weight or the dimensions of the parcel - no postage rates are stored within, just individual product dimensions and weights.

Please bear in mind there are limits on parcel sizes (typically 18 kilos) before it is classed as a “bulk” item.

Once this weight (18kg) is reached, we split the item into multiple parcels. Each parcel has a cost and this is reflected in the dyamic charges.

All freight companies use a base consignment rate and then a charge per kilogram (rounded up).

Choice of Services

We try our best to offer customers multiple delivery options, including choice of providers and speed of service.

We will always continue to find better services and better prices for our customers and from time to time we will trial various services.

Our major provider is Australia Post eParcel and Sendle Road Service.

These services are available as Regular parcel for every destination serviced by Australia Post and for many of the capital city locations we may also offer Express Post Parcel service.

Sendle Road Service does not have an Express option available.

There are some locations where we do not offer Express due to the excessive charges required.

For Business to Business freight, we tend to use TNT Road Express or StarTrack.

There are restrictions in place for using TNT or StarTrack as it's often there are hidden surcharges that we are not advised of at the time we create the consignment, e.g. residential service charge, re-delivery fee, remote location fees. All these extra surcharges are not made visible to us when we book your parcel and our business has to suffer "Bill Shock" when the Invoice arrives - sometimes, these surcharges can be $20+ per parcel more than we originally charged the customer.

All freight charges are based upon your location zone (Postcode) in relation our Melbourne metro lodgement point.

The further the distance from Melbourne, the higher the per kilo rate applies. We do not uplift the contract rates supplied by the freight companies to us - it's transparent.

Large or special items such as coffee equipment or bulk orders may require a custom quote for freight and for these items, please contact us beforehand to confirm freight costs at the time of placing your order.

We often send large parcels to distributors or suppliers and can offer attractive freight rates for bulky goods if they are transported by road.

Please also consider that if you order a quantity of coffee beans, say 5x 1kg packs, that is the nett weight of the item and does not include the coffee bags and the carton.

As an example, it may work out that 5kg of coffee is actually very close to 6kg by the time it is boxed up and all courier companies round-up parcels.

If you are concerned that postage charges for your item are excessive, you are welcome to check the AusPost website using the following components - our lodgement point is postcode 3136, business parcel with track and trace feature.

How does my parcel get to me ?

We use a range of transport methods to ensure your parcel arrives prompt and safe.

Australia Post Business Parcel Service (eParcel) has proven over the last 8 years to be the most flexible and reliable logistics provider within Australia —delivering to more locations than any other courier company.

Australia Post also offer the most convenient collection services for when your parcel cannot be signed for when attempting delivery. In terms of consumer freight it for this reason the majority of our parcels are sent via the AusPost parcel service.

Couriers typically will not deliver to PO Boxes and most refuse to deal with residential addresses which are a large portion of our customer delivery addresses.

By default, your parcel will be sent with security requiring signature on delivery (receipt), however you are welcome to place delivery instructions or comments in the Shopping Cart Checkout page along with your Authority to Leave so that the parcel can be delivered without a signature.

If there is no person in attendance at the listed address, typically a card should be left by AusPost advising you a parcel is ready for collection from your local Post Office - however, this practice of leaving cards is becoming less frequent - particularly in multi-tenanted buildings. Generally speaking, these days Australia Post is relying more on electronic communications such as email tracking notifications. 

In the past, AusPost may have attempted a second delivery the following day - but we note this is not always consistent and the trend is more towards providing for the customer to collect.


Once you recieve an email notification the mycuppa order is completed, you can be assured the parcel has left our premises and will be in transit to you.

The Australia Post and Sendle systems generate the tracking advice email to allow you to identify the consignment and track the item progress via either the AusPost or Sendle website. These tracking notification emails are sent by the freight providers - not us.

Please also be aware that deliveries by AusPost to some businesses may result in your parcel being directed to the local Post Office if a person in your organisation has previously setup this arrangement with AusPost - e,g. all mail and parcels to be re-directed to the company's PO Box.

Express Post

We currently ONLY offer Express Post service to certain areas around Australia such as Victoria, NSW, SA, TAS, ACT, Adelaide, Brisbane.

We also offer a super-fast express service to New Zealnd (NZ) customers where orders are processed the same day and should arrive in around 2-3 business days.

Express services for Australia are provided by TNT Road Express, StarTrack or AusPost Express Parcel service.
As a general guideline, TNT Express are cheaper for larger, bulky items of around 10kg or more but only to Adelaide, Victorian regional towns and NSW.

Sending it promptly…..

We understand that when it's time to order coffee, you may be running very low, or have run out of beans and that's just terrible.

We lodge parcels (Domestic and International) directly into a major AusPost distribution centre here in Melbourne to reduce the shipment timeframe in some cases by a day.

Generally, depending upon your order contents (our fresh roast schedule) and what time the order payment is received, we will attempt to lodge your parcel for shipment same business day.

Normally, we can cope with an order up to 4pm for same day assuming we have the fresh stock on hand. We work days, nights, weekends and public holidays to prepare parcels, however freight companies will only accept parcels on standard Melbourne business days.

If we need to roast your coffee, e.g. some of the Single Origins are not roasted daily, then it may be shipped the next business day as we will roast it overnight.

Recycling Cartons

We will always try to use new cartons for shipping, even small items. Coffee bags are quite tough, but we have experienced the odd damaged delivery—statistically, this runs at less than 0.01% and the most fragile items are drinking chocolate powders and chais.

For most parcels, we will attempt to use a new carton or a reasonable used carton to minimize our impact on the environment.

What if something goes wrong….

If you have experienced a freight issue, please always make contact with us before deciding to get upset - we are here to help and try our best to ensure customers recieve their orders promptly.

Transit times to some locations such as Western Australia, Far North QLD and remote rural areas can take 4 - 7 business days, etc. That means it can take up to a week for a parcel to arrive from East to West coast as almost 15 times more freight volume is sent east to west compared to west ==> east.

In our experience, at certain times of the year, e.g. Xmas, Mothers Day, Easter, holidays, etc. transit times may take a day or two longer than expected as courier companies have less staff or struggle to cope with peak workloads.

Since the introduction of xray auto-dimensioning in all the State parcel hubs, this step has imposed a slight delay on every single parcel within the network.

As a guideline, Melbourne metro customers can typically expect to recieve their parcel within 2 business days, Sydney and Adelaide in 1-2 days, Brisbane in 3 days, Perth in 4-5 days (business days).

Regional cities can sometimes recieve the parcel the same day as a capital city, but our experience tells us it's the day after.

Please also note that NO INSURANCE is applied to any PARCELS.

This means we are unable to claim damaged or lost items from Australia Post or TNT - please do not get upset at us for this restriction as it is totally out of our control and freight providers have extremely strict policies regarding this aspect of their service - we have been unable in the past to submit claims for lost or damaged items and it remains a highly frustrating aspect of our business relationship with freight providers.

We pack all of your orders into brand new cartons and use additional padding to protect against damage. However, freight companies are becoming rougher in their handling of parcel using mechanical tippers at their parcel distribution centres. We hand-load all our parcels individually from a pallet into the Australia Post collection truck each afternoon - taking considerable care.

If you do receive a damaged parcel, we will ask you to take photos of the damaged parcel for our assessment - but as we note above there is no obligation or warranty in relation to freight damage due to freight company policy.

In any case, please get in contact with us either via email or toll free call

Toll free 1300 141773

If you have any other questions about our coffee bean delivery service, contact us.