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Our Filter Coffee category is a subset of our entire coffee portfolio - they are high grade microlots that we know work well in a filter brew situation. We select the best beans we can to suit the filter coffee making process.

Roasted lighter, sometimes they may not always suit espresso extraction, unless of course you have high quality machines, grinders and skill levels used to dealing with lighter roast styles.

However, for those with Chemex, Kone, Aeropress, V60, Pourover's, Cold Filtered brewers such as Yama, etc, Syphons or any of the various non-espresso brew methods, I encourage you to give our Filter Coffees a run.

Preparing filter coffee is actually one of the most delicate methods of brewing coffees - bringing out the true character and clarity of flavours.

Ethiopia - Filter Roast

Ethiopia - Filter Roast

mild strong

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