May 2017 - Coffee price deflation, Real costs of grinding beans & Amazon's arrival in Australia

Date Posted:7 May 2017 


“Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.” — Ronald Reagan

The cooler weather was welcome and overdue.

It crept up on us by surprise with a few 1 and 2 deg C early morning starts. We love it, makes for perfect roasting weather and it seems also ideal for consuming coffee - judging by our our higher volumes over the last month.

This month we have penned a few articles that reflect our thoughts on the rapidly changing events in retail from Amazon's pending arrival in Australia to the effects of deflation likely to hit the retail price of coffee.

Our roaster is back with his Roaster's Rant - it's a hot topic that's been burning in our place for a long time - the real costs of grinding coffee beans may surprise.

Pricing products to sell today and into the future


What are the key pressure points likely to influence the future retail price of roasted coffee and why it's no longer just a game of watching the nuances of raw coffee commodity trading.
To get an insight into what's going to drive the price of coffee in the next 5 years, read our article below on price deflation.
Coffee price deflation

Amazon's arrival in Australia

The death of traditional retail, or a ripe opportunity to disrupt and improve the customer experience ?
Amazon's pending arrival is providing plenty of fluff, fodder and poorly researched articles on the likely impact upon the Australian retail landscape.
Doom and gloom or a new be the judge and check out our article below:-
Amazon arriving in Australia.


Real cost of grinding coffee beans

A few weeks ago, when answering the phone, a lady began to give me a lecture on how dare we charge to grind coffee beans.
It's not the first time we've dealt with this topic and unfortunately it's difficult to maintain composure when explaining all the factors involved.
To clear the air and to warn our customers on why we are raising the price for the grinding service, check out our article below:-
Exposing the real costs of grinding coffee beans.