November 2020 - Dark Chocolate Secret Label, Stunning Colombia Microlots

Date Posted:4 November 2020 


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November 2020

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This month we are mixing things up a little for something different.

During October we took delivery of some stunning micro-lot coffees and in November we are offering an extra two(2) coffees to feature alongside our wildly successful monthly Secret Label program.

So, it’s a choice of 3 new, exciting and superb coffees this month – our eponymous Secret Label, a juicy Filter Roast and a lovely new micro-lot. All of them are jaw-dropping delicious in their own distinct ways.

But before you jump in folks, please be aware that one of these coffees (Microlot #5) will only be available as a filter roast (lighter roast than espresso).

Why Filter Roast only for Microlot #5 ?

On a lighter roast, the coffee presents with amazing characteristics that would otherwise be lost on a slightly deeper roast profile, e.g. our traditional milk-based espresso medium roast.

Watermelon, Kiwi fruit, sweet caramel and vanilla pods – these wonderful attributes diminish as the roast develops, so we are going to preserve all that goodness whilst still generating a sweet and highly flavored outcome.

For pure espresso enthusiasts, if you have ever wondered why lighter roasts can be so damn good for short-black this is your chance. In milk, a filter roast will have plenty of sweet acids, but may be lacking in a deeper body or longer finish compared to a traditional espresso roast so for milk-based espresso please look at our Secret Label or Microlot #4.

Microlot #4 has awesome cut through in milk – just like a Katana sword. Nutmeg spice on the nose, dry fruits, golden raisins with hints of peach and stone fruits. A sweetness so intense we had to check for added sugars!.

Both micro-lots will be precision hand-roasted, small batch only. For this reason, if we receive a lot of orders in a short time, we may not have sufficient roasted stock on the day your order is placed.

November’s Secret Label is a delicious statement of refined candy-like sweetness with just the right balance of dark chocolate and cocoa to retain the intense sweetness without crossing over that other side of the bitter-sweet divide.

Bold, rich, super-sweet and rewarding with a long textured chocolate finish. Did anyone say “Coco Pops” ?



November 2020 Secret Label

Our November 2020 Secret Label is now available for a limited time in 1kg packs of whole beans (default), or you can select your preferred grind setting to be ground for you from freshly roasted coffee beans.

Quite a few of our wonderful customers have given some mighty thumbs in the past for dark chocolate in their coffees.

OK, we hear you and could not agree more, however it’s not always easy as we have said in the past that walking on a fine line of dark chocolate can be a double-edged sword.

But when it works, there’s really nothing better than those sweet, deep cocoas in a coffee with bold flavors that cut through milk like a hot knife through butter. You can drink a dark chocolate coffee all day, every day and never tire of it – unlike fruity coffees that can easily become “too much”.

November’s Secret Label is a delicious statement of refined candy-like sweetness with just the right balance of dark chocolate and cocoa to retain the intense sweetness without crossing over that other side of the bitter-sweet divide.

Clean, rich and rewarding with a long textured chocolate finish.

AROMA - Bakers cocoa

FLAVOUR - Deep cocoa, caramel and dark chocolate.

ACIDITY - Nippy, citrus, balanced.

BODY - Rich, full, syrupy with a rounded mouthfeel.

BALANCE - Excellent.

AFTERTASTE - Dark chocolate, cocoa and textured chocolate.

OVERALL - Super sweet and so much chocolate - did somebody say Coco Pops.

For a limited time only - ending when the allotment has run out which may occur before the end of the month.

Sorry, no 500g packs available.

Grab it here - November 2020 Secret Label


Colombia Microlot #5 - Filter Roast ONLY

When a coffee generates interesting fruits it’s worth showcasing these attributes in their most potent form.

At lighter roasts, or what the industry refers to as a “filter roast”, the watermelon and kiwi fruits in this coffee are simply glorious and it would be a shame to take this coffee to a milk-based espresso depth and lose those unique fruits.

Caramel and vanilla pods complete the picture with a nicely balanced medium citric acidity.

For the pure espresso enthusiast or alternative brewing fans.

NOTE:- Filter roasts are lighter and may lack the deep body and finish of a traditional espresso roast in milk-based beverages.

For a limited time only.

Grab it here - Colombia Microlot #5 Filter Roast


Colombia Microlot #4

No it's not golden raisins - but something much better !

From a little known coffee growing area within Colombia comes a big coffee with even bigger results in the cup.

We literally had to re-invent the scale– we thought golden raisins were sweet but this is on another level.

There is a hint of peach and stone fruits in the cup, particularly the clean black brew, add milk and it’s just heaven the way it slices through.

For a limited time only.

1kg packs only, no 500g pack and sorry no ground packs.

Grab it here - Colombia Microlot #4