March 2021 - Sumatran coffees explained, Secret Label is a sweet delight. Capsule shortage

Date Posted:3 March 2021 


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March 2021

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February's Secret Label was a shift to the edge as we played with Sumatrans in the blend for a different type of savory delight.

If you are a coffee enthusiast with a thirst for knowledge, click on the link here for our article explaining how Sumatrans are used in modern coffee markets.

Secret Label
March's Secret Label is a return to the "sweet side" and we have well and truly pushed through the ceiling with this delicious blend.

Classic "English toffee", creamy cocoa, rock candy, rich fudge wrapped in a silky body with that trademark mycuppa long milk chocolate finish - we are loving how well this coffee generates clean flavors with such excellent balance.

This is a truly stunning coffee and one of our best yet - don't miss out.

Grab is here - March 2021 Secret Label.

Nespresso Capsules
We have run down our current batch of compostible Nespresso coffee capsules.

There's something really exciting we have been working on for the last 18 months - our own Nespresso capsule manufacturing plant.

This will enable us to offer fresher, higher quality capsules at lower prices and with more varieties.

Please wait until we have this amazing product available for sale as it's going to be a game changer in the capsule market.


1kg Coffee Bags.

Yet again we have run short on our custom coffee bags.

It's not easy when coffee bags are manufactured overseas - there's a wait time of up to 17 weeks !

So please be patient - our plain white bags are equivalent in quality.