January 2019 - Nice coffee travelling, Freight failures in December, Secret Label sweet sensation

Date Posted:8 January 2019 


“New Year's resolutions work something like this: you think of something you enjoy doing, then resolve to stop doing it.” — Henry Moore

January 2019

Happy New Year from the mycuppa team.

Sometimes you just can't win. December was a huge month for customer orders but also the worst period in our 11 year history of freight problems. All caused by freight companies unable to cope with surging demands from online shopping.

Shipping meltdowns occur every year without fail, except it's the depth of failure that varies. We copped it bad 3 years ago when AusPost introduced their automated X-ray systems, but this year was pain on a new scale. Everywhere, all across Australia, from the last week in November at the "Black Friday" global sales event and into the first 2 weeks of December freight performance plunged to epic lows......but what really shocked us was the severity and the duration of the pain.

Let's pretend for a moment that you go on holidays or travel somewhere and actually enjoy the coffee. Our article this month road-tests the coffee at Victoria's newest 5-Star resort and the results should come as no surprise to regular travellers.

December's Secret Label smashed all records and customers have been asking for more. Thank you to all those who expressed their joy at what was a truly delicious coffee, it's really appreciated.

January's Secret Label is a stealthy surprise package - crisp apple, melon, rich cocoa buttery body and amazing fruit sugar sweetness. Yummo in milk.....a coffee we just can't stop drinking.


January Secret Label

Last month we drove Secret Label into a different direction - a specially engineered blend called Symphony that smashed all previous records in sales and positive customer feedback.

Many have asked for more and we may do something like that again in a future month's promotion.

For January's Secret Label, we have curated up a lip-smacking coffee with notes of melon, mandarin citric acidity, crisp apple cider, full rounded cocoa butter body with fruit sugar lingering sweetness.

This month's Secret Label has stealth power in spades......it's from a highly respected origin and whilst initially we thought it was just a really delightful, honest and sweet coffee, the more we drank it........ the more we fell hopelessly in love with it's appealing clean acids dancing delicately on the palate.

Well balanced, rounded and effective in milk-based espresso beverage.

Roasted daily until the campaign allocation runs out - it will not last the entire month.

***NOTE *** - January 20th all SOLD OUT


Please Explain

Every year we brace for the peak freight season and the pain it causes both us and our customers.

This year we sustained 3 weeks of utter nightmare - all day, every day. With more than 300 freight incidents to manage, we were left wondering what sort of monster created this tsunami of destruction.

Read our article explaining what went wrong with freight companies  - here.


By George.......how could you

Ever gone on holidays or traveling and consumed crap coffee ?

Of course you did and so have we.

Read our recent coffee experience at Victoria's newest 5 star resort - By George