September 2017 - Sendle is here, Changes looming in retail, Espresso dosing and distribution

Date Posted:31 August 2017 

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” — Jimmy Dean


At a glance

Yes, it's only late August and we're firing off a bit early this month. Reason - our Newsletter does hit us with crazy order volumes for the first few days after release and we wanted to get this out of the way before Father's Day and the normal higher weekend order volumes.

The wait is over - Sendle is here and gosh it's great to have a truly viable alternative to AusPost. Please take a moment to read our tips for getting the best out of this innovative new service here.

In our opinion piece this month we take another look at the accelerating rate of change predicted for Australian retail. In particular transforming logistics and what Shopping Centers are planning on doing to Amazon-proof their turf.

For those coffee enthusiasts seeking to improve their espresso extractions, we take a look at the importance of dose distribution and tamping.

How to get the best from our new Sendle shipping service

The wait is over.

During late August we switched on Sendle and have already shipped 200 parcels via Sendle.

Currently, around 25 - 33% of our customers are selecting Sendle as their shipping provider. This is a pretty good uptake considering Sendle will only handle parcels that are between a total 1 - 18kg. Orders that weigh a total of less than 600g will not ship via Sendle, nor will orders delivered to PO Box or Parcel Lockers.

So far, the results have been great and many customers have sent us messages of "thanks" for offering Sendle as an alternative to AusPost.

Please take a moment to read our article so that you can understand what Sendle offers and how to get the best out of this innovative new service.

Read our Sendle Service tips here



Change in Australian retail is accelerating

According to the journalists and a myriad of experts, the leaders of Australian retail are trying to Amazon-proof their businesses.

Shopping Centres are ditching department stores in favor of more food outlets, hairdressers and Tesla cars.

Read our latest opinion piece on the changing landscape of Retail and Amazon's Australian arrival here


Why distribution and tamping are so important

I'm often asked by customers what the correct tamp pressure is for using their espresso grinders and machines.

The answer of course is always a bit more complicated.

For those enthusiasts seeking to understand why distributing the ground coffee carefully before tamping is so important, please read on here.