May 2021 - A peek inside of how we design Secret Label. Smart Pellets are here. Fruity dark chocolate offering

Date Posted:12 May 2021 


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May 2021

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May marks the beginning of a period where many of our coffees are changing faster than at other times of the year and this level of change will continue up until the end of June and into July - perhaps even later as global shipping remains challenging.

New coffees are just like any type of farmed ingredient subjected to the prevailing growing conditions, so they will inherently have particular and specific changes from crop to crop. We think this creates some interesting variety and diversity and helps combat the possible boredom of having the same taste all the time.

Inside Secret Label

This month we take a look at how the design of each month's Secret Label offering is created.

On that note, we are also excited with May's coffee as it really pushes the dark chocolate limits to the absolute max. Bold, powerful and nuanced with fruit driven complexity.

Smart Pellets - a great Australian invention that's 100% Natural

Smart Pellets are a unique and innovative 100% natural product available in our store for use as a fuel source created from up-cycling coffee chaff as a by-product of the coffee roasting process.

We are pleased to offer you the world's first 100% coffee chaff pellet, ideal for smoking foods or use as a bio-fuel alternative to wood.

With a higher calorific content than hard wood (burns hotter), lower emissions and less ash, Smart Pellets are an exciting new breakthrough with impressive environmental credentials.

Closed Friday 21st May

Please be aware our facility requires maintenance works scheduled for Friday 21st May that will disrupt our normal roasting, packing and shipping of customer orders.

The mycuppa store will remain open for accepting orders, however, there will be no parcel dispatch on Friday 21st May 2021. Orders placed after freight collection in the evening of Thursday 20th May will be sent on the next available dispatch Monday 24th.


May 2021 Secret Label

For those of you interested to learn a little bit more about how we approach the design of each month's Secret Label coffee offering, we have posted a blog here.

So let's talk about May's Secret Label.

There's always a hero coffee that just has to be at the centre of each month's Secret Label and for May it was an amazing micro-lot that tastes unlike any other coffee from that region.

A silky body with bold fruit notes that offers up delicious sweetness from the first sip, moving to a rich, lush dark chocolate that really stands up in the cup. 

As the fruit note contained apricot and plum, we wanted to fill out this fruit with some contrast by adding in a hint of red cherry and yellow raisin.

It's a complex coffee that has striking presence from the first sip and develops a rich compote of fruits and dark chocolate with a long, sweet finish.

We hope you enjoy this month's Secret Label as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Grab it here - May 2021 Secret Label



Smart Pellets

During the process of roasting raw coffee beans, some of the outer layers of the green coffee are shed as chaff and transported via the hot air-stream exhausted with odors and smoke from thermal reactions.

The chaff exits with the hot air from roasting and is separated by a cyclone for simpler removal in bulk whilst the odor and smoke are then treated by high temperature thermal oxidizers.

Coffee chaff generally finds it's way into land fill or to a lesser extent into gardens and compost piles. Coffee chaff is a great solution for improving PH balance with it's nitrogen rich nutrients but it's difficult to handle as it's light and fluffy easily blown around by the wind.

For the last 10 months, all of our coffee chaff has been diverted from land fill and supplied to a dear friend and close colleague that has invented a new and exciting Coffee Pellet solution.

Using our repurposed coffee chaff it is converted into high efficiency smoker pellets.

This is a genuine sustainable fuel source as it utilises a true waste product that would otherwise go to landfill whereas the production of wood pellets involves a tree being cut down at some stage.

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact and trying to reduce our waste. Throwing chaff into the dumpster every day was a problem we wanted to eliminate, so it's now being used for upcycling the chaff into a pellet bio-fuel.

100% NATURAL, smart pellets are food grade (although not meant to be eaten) and consist of just coffee chaff and a small amount of water used in the compression stage to reduce heat - no chemicals, pesticides artificial binders or glues.

Benefits of Smart Pellets

  • Reduces landfill - Diverts tonnes of coffee waste from landfill
  • Environmentally friendly - a carbon neutral technology, no trees are cut down preserving vital oxygen levels
  • High burn temperatures - calorific Value (19.8Mj/kg), higher than hardwood
  • Low emissions - 60g/GJ, pellet combustion emit few particulates compared with fireplaces at up to -840g/GJ and wood stoves at 760g/GJ and mass Heaters at 95gGJ
  • Low ash wt% = 11.61 - very low by weight

Smart Pellets are a high-quality product with superior performance compared to wood pellets and are a truly sustainable, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly solution.

Smart Pellets are packed into 750g or 1.5kg fully recyclable zip-lock bags. No waste.

Smart Pellets are specialty smoker pellets - ideal for use in BBQs, Grills & Smokers, allowing you to impart delicious, modern, exotic flavors to all meats, seafood, poultry, game, cheese and many other foods.

Smart Pellets are also a great bio-fuel source for Pellet BBQs, Pellet Grills, Pellet Smokers and Pellet Heaters.

Available in the mycuppa store here Smart Pellets.