August 2019 - Nicaragua's finest. Secret Label blending perfection

Date Posted:4 August 2019 

“Exploration is wired into our brains. If we can see the horizon, we want to know what's beyond .” — Buzz Aldrin


August 2019

Last month marked a return to our Single Origin roots with a glorious feature coffee from Burundi's Long Miles project.

We were caught off-guard from the incredible response and success of the Long Miles coffee - orders surging 300% above our original estimates. Not to be outdone, July's Secret Label Tanzania also shot 250% over our normal monthly promotion budget taking the combined July tally into lofty heights.

Each month we increase the holdings available for these promotions and every time our customers respond in spades by taking a punt to try new, distinctive coffees.

Thank you for the trust and thank you for genuinely inspiring us to reach higher to seek interesting and unique coffees.

August's Secret Label is a wonderful blend we have developed based upon all the things we loved about coffees over the last 12 months. Yes, the list was big, but we condensed it down to something "pure".

Our feature single origin in August is from Nicaragua's premium region - Nueva Segovia - red plum, chocolate, hazelnut, cocoa butter.


August Secret Label

Our August 2019 Secret Label is now available for a limited time in 1kg packs. 

We've been tinkering away in the blending room again, searching for that elusive holy grail - to build a better coffee with ideal symmetry of flavors and acids.

It's no easy feat to create a product with universal appeal - when it comes to coffee, everyone likes differing levels of flavor, fruit, sweetness, body and finish with detectable attributes such as nut, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and toffee.

August's Secret Label is a showcase of rich, textured features and we are really quite pleased with the result.

You will notice immediately there is something different about this coffee blend when you open the pack - aroma, appearance and more importantly, taste.

With sweet cherry, pecan, super-smooth mouth-feel, salted caramel, toffee, sticky date pudding, fruit trail finishing with a sweet candy lingering aftertaste.

This beautiful blend represents a collection of what we think our customers have loved most in a coffee over the last 12 months of running the Secret Label program - it's got something for everyone.

Buy as much as you want - we will keep on roasting it every day until the lot runs out.

Please note, some of our Secret Label offers have often been sold out within two(2) weeks despite upping the allocation, so there is no guarantee the offer will remain open for the entire month.

AROMA - Hazelnut, caramel, cocoa

FLAVOUR - Sweet cherry, pecan, salted caramel, toffee, sticky date pudding, fruit-trail.

ACIDITY - Citrus with a hint of malic, medium, balanced.

BODY - Rich, bold and syrupy.

BALANCE - Good balance.

AFTERTASTE - Sweet candy, Swiss .

OVERALL - Nice complexity with nuts and fruits.

For a limited time only - ending when the allotment has run out which may occur before the end of the month.

A refined, lush and classy coffee, this blend oozes sophistication and complexity that's subtle, yet noticeable - just how we like it, with a series of twists that delight without overpowering or dominating the cup.

Grab it here - ** SOLD OUT *** August Secret Label


Nicaragua Nueva Segovia

Our feature single origin coffee in August is a true enigma and a stunning coffee, sourced from one of Nicaragua's best growing regions - Nueva Segovia, a place where 6 of the top 10 Cup of Excellence 2018 winners were located.

Nueva Segovia is in the Northern area near the Honduras border and emerging as a key sourcing area for premium quality micro lot coffees.

Farmers in this region are focused on improving the quality and experimenting with advanced processing techniques such as honeyed, naturals and fermentation.

Nicaraguan coffees tend to play in the middle of the spectrum, rarely stepping out the side to shine in glory and unfortunately often passed over by the truly snobbish of coffee enthusiasts.

However, like all origins, there are in fact hidden gems, you just need to keep on hunting for rewards.

Our strategy is simple when evaluating a coffee - look for something unique, distinctive and memorable - search for the unusual and play to it's strengths, regardless of whether it's unfashionable or "on-trend". There is nothing more rewarding than showcasing an origin that's rarely displayed in the spotlight - a Cindarella moment.

Back in October we featured a coffee from Nicaragua, the amazing Dipilto, as our single origin.

At the time, we held a strong opinions this coffee was just the ducks-nuts - it delivered something a little bit different from the traditional cup profile with delicious almond, nougat and ripe cherries wrapped in a smooth, rich dark chocolate coating.

My darling wife Dianne rated it as one of the best cups in the year for a very simple reason - nougat......often talked about, rarely found!.

This month we have a similar coffee from the same producer, displaying a powerful array of sweet flavours - red plum, pineapple and citrus fruits with chocolate, hazelnut and cocoa butter.

A clean, complex, refined and rich coffee to delight the senses with it's long syrupy finish.

Ideally matched with milk-based beverages, this Nicaraguan is our pick for a latte, flat-white or cappuccino. 

Don't miss this chance to taste the very best on offer from Nicaragua.


1kg Whole bean packs only. Sorry, no 500g and no ground packs.

Grab it here - ** SOLD OUT *** Nicaragua Nueva Segovia