Brazil Ipanema Dulce Sweet

we have been purchasing Dulce for more than 6 years now and it will always remain in our portfolio... Read More

Brazil Monte Alegre Espresso

We no longer stock this bean in our store... Read More

Colombia La Union

Please note we currently stock the Munchique specialty grade Excelso... Read More

Costa Rica FTO

sweet, rich with a long toffee finish.... Read More

Peru Cafe Feminino

this story is about how woman farmers can lead a sustainable life.... Read More


fact is, nobody can test for mycotoxins at any stage of the supply chain. The whole issue of mycotoxins is a massive over-reaction perpetrated by a US coffee company claiming to have a special coffee they charge at absolutely ridiculous prices... Read More

Roast Sequencing

Date Posted: 5 June 2008

Sometimes, thinking outside the square and provide amazing results... Read More