Australians addicted to textured milk
Cafe Culture Article

Date Posted: 12 March 2011

Read about the success of winning #2 overall at the 2010/11 Golden Bean coffee roasting championships... Read More

Mighty Monsoon Malabar AA

something you should have on your coffee bucket list... Read More

Tanzania Valhalla Estate AB

hints of dark berries, dark chocolate, sweet treacle and a long rich finish... Read More

Rwanda Inzovu

We love the rich chocolate notes from Inzovu and the long vanilla and orange citrus finish.... Read More

The antics of coffee marketers

Date Posted: 1 February 2016

It's a shame the market has become over-saturated and all sort of dubious tricks are being used to sell coffee.... Read More

1 way valves

Date Posted: 6 March 2010

Coffee beans are packed into specially constructed materials - 3 layer bags with a unique 1-way valve to allow fresh roasted coffee to de-gas... Read More

Humble stovetop

Date Posted: 1 July 2009

a stovetop can produce exceptional coffee - often superior to most domestic low and medium range espresso machines.... Read More

PNG and Colombia

perfectly suited to Australian style milk-based espresso... Read More

Uganda Bigusi AA

At times it can be complex, bold, rich and comparable to some Sumatrans and India coffees exhibiting low acidity.... Read More

Tanzania TEC

whilst we no longer have the TEC Estate, we have the stunning Mondial.... Read More


Sumatran coffees are processed in a way unlike any other origin... Read More

PNG Highlands Direct Trade

helping PNG farmers establish a sustainable life in the Highlands around Mount Hagan.... Read More

Ethiopia Limu microlot

Limu provides a highly flavored cup with a twist of fruit, plenty of chocolate and caramel. Limu is often more reliable and consistent compared to Sidamo and Yirgacheffe that may at times be very winey, acidic or fruit.... Read More

Lake Tawar

Our customers who buy this coffee always return for more. Powerful, intense, rewarding......just incredible... Read More

Elk Hill Estates

Almost all coffee roasters include quality Indian coffees in their blends. They provide essential mid-palate flavor with a beautiful soft acidity. ... Read More

Guatemala Antigua Monterrey

Antigua delivers that classic coffee flavor combined with exceptional sweetness and notes of dark chocolate... Read More

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Did you know our Costa Rica Jaguar was award Silver medal in the 2016 Royal Sydney Coffee Awards - beaten only by our very own Kenyan... Read More

Bolivia FTO

Date Posted: 10 October 2010

A FAIRTRADE Organic coffee.... Read More

Annual Costa Rica Bakeoff

Date Posted: 20 October 2011

Costs Rican coffees are in high demand across the world. They offer sensational bright, sweet notes and a broad range of finishes... Read More