Moka Java

Date Posted:5 March 2008 

A classic coffee blend -
we take a look at why Mocha-Java blends have endured the test of time and remain one of the most popular coffee blends in history


We are constantly tinkering with and perfecting our Moka Java blend. 


So delighted with the results.


Whether you spell it with a 'k' or 'ch', it does'nt really matter - just enjoy it !


Mocha is a traditional style originally created by blending together the origins from Ethiopia and Sumatra.

This was one of the earliest styles of coffee blends as Ethiopia was the birthplace (or discovery) by Kaldi the goat shepperd and Sumatra (Indonesia) was settled early by Dutch explorers.

Mocha works so well as it takes the pungent, thick, smooth, syrupy full body from the Sumatran bean and matches it with refined acidity, balance, fruit and floral aromatics of the Ethiopian.

Mocha has been with us since we started. The blend has changed based on seasonal availability of the beans, but we think that Mocha benefits from the addition of a small amount of secret bean.

This tweak is provided a greater structure and balance to what is traditionally a strong, creamy coffee.

We think you will love our interpretation of Mocha Java.

Please kindly note, our Mocha Java may at certain times not contain Sumatran coffees as it depends heavily upon seasonal availability. From 2014 through to 2016, Sumatran coffees have been in short supply due to excessive rains and lower harvest levels, yet demand for these beans remains strong from around the world.

In times whereby we substitute another origin in place of the Sumatran, it will match or exceed in terms of cup performance.