How much coffee to buy ?

Coffee is a fresh food - only order what you need in the next 6 weeks otherwise the coffee becomes stale and your experience will decline.


  Buying in bulk has obvious cost savings, but are you really getting value for money.

How Much Coffee Should I Order?

Just buy it all!!! .... Only kidding :) .

When it comes to fresh roasted coffee, you know by reading the articles that we bang on and on about FRESH IS BEST.

There is what we call the DEGAS period where the coffee can be unstable, too gassy and even perhaps a little harsh for the first 14 days from the Roast Date.

You also know that coffee is a fresh food that actually degrades in the approved, heat sealed triple-foil 1-way valve professional coffee bean packaging.

We recommend you plan your coffee purchase around 45 day intervals in order to enjoy the coffee beans at their peak.

Coffee beans can last a long time, it does not go bacterial and please don't get suckered into that old product labelling loophole that obliges us to state a best before of 12 months (or 2 years if you are Italian !).

You buy in bulk to save money and then find that after day 60 you are just not enjoying the coffee as much as when you first received the parcel, then let your palate be the judge on how long to space between purchases.

We place a 90 day best before on our packs with the actual roast date, but in reality I would be advocating the coffee is used inside of 45 days.

Over the years we have become a leading supplier of office coffee and our coffee blends are very popular. They come in discount bulk deals and suit modern easy to use office coffee machines.