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Ethiopia - Sidamo

  • a 60kg bag of Ethiopia Sidamo washed raw coffee beans sitting in the mycuppa roastery
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Product Description

Single Origin Ethiopian Sidamo

Our portfolio of Ethiopian coffee has never been stronger.

In September 2014, we took a bundle of new specialty grade coffees - a mix of natural and washed, all grade 1.

Buy this high quality single origin Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia nd you will enjoy sweet cup of coffee every time.

We sell these as medium-dark roast whole beans , which are excellent for Espresso style or filter/plunger coffee. 

A strong, powerful and full-flavroued single origin coffee.

Dark fruity spices and a lingering winey/berry sweet finish.

Ethiopia is where is all started and this single origin Sidamo is a preferred bean chosen by many professional baristas in their competition blends.

We love the washed Sidamo crop this year and we use this bean in quite a few of our top blends - it is from the Guji region renown for some of the highest quality single origin coffee in Ethiopia.

I adore drinking this as a Single Origin - it has a massive sweet syrupy finish that lingers for ages, sticking to the insides of your mouth.


What is the difference between the various Ethiopia Sidamos in the mycuppa.com.au store ?

The simple answer is "they are all fruity".

Please note - when it comes to coffee, fruit is not for everybody - some people absolutely love it, others can't stand it.

Fruit is more intense in the cup - it really stands up regardless of whether it's a beverage that's black or with milk


Sidamo has more blue-berry and choc-biscuit.

Sidamo FAIRTRADE ORGANIC has more raspberry and strawberry with brighter acidity.


Roaster's Notes

Fruit in a coffee bean is a highly cherished attribute. 

Coffee bean roasters like to preserve this character as best we can by roasting the coffee to at most a medium roast depth.

This means there will be some acid remaining in the roasted coffee beans and it's very important that you are able to manage this acid when brewing or extracting the coffee beans into a beverage.

If we roast darker, the acid is tamed, but we lose fruit and we are left with something that resembles a dark chocolate which can be all too familar and common with many Southern and Central American coffee beans - in other words, it's becomes boring or uninteresting.

Ethiopia and almost all African origins growing coffee provide very unique and wonderful character in their coffee beans.

Our intention is to showcase these complex features within a degree of balance - if we roast too light, the fruit and acid would be over-powering.

In September 2014, we received another 4x new Sidamo's - a mix of natural and washed.

The Benso washed is showing signs of being the best Sidamo we have seen in Australia over the last 3 years.


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