Tanzania Valhalla Estate AB

Here we have a wonderfully rich and rewarding coffee -
hints of dark berries, dark chocolate, sweet treacle and a long rich finish


Those roasters who have tried every origin keep coming back to Tanzania.


There is a very simple reason.....


Kenyan coffees are intense.

They are prepared by farmers with exceptional knowledge and professionalism that create a bean that is strong, clean and delivering a punchy finish that very few, if any origins can rival.

It is for this reason that Kenyan coffees command exceptionally high prices - generally a very good Kenyan will fetch almost twice the price of a quality Southern or Central American coffee.

The intensity of a Kenyan coffee means that roasters generally use smaller proportions in blends as the Kenyan tend to have quite high acidity. For certain brew methods, this acidity can produce a stunning cup.

Tanzania being within close proximity to Kenya shares some of the strong, intense character of Kenyan coffee without the over-powering acidity.

In 2011 we ran a very successful campaign with the TEC Estate AA, culminating with a Silver Medal in the Golden Bean roasting competition Single Origin category December 2011.

This season, we are starting off with Valhalla Estate AA/AB.

A small bean offering exceptionall sweet berry flavor that cuts through milk like a hot knife through butter.

In testing this coffee late April, we found some amazing notes of musk and cocoa in the cup when brewed with plunger.