Tanzania TEC

This coffee won a Silver Medal at the Golden Bean Single Origin competition -
whilst we no longer have the TEC Estate, we have the stunning Mondial.


Finally, a sensational Tanzania AA grade Estate Coffee to add to our collection.
Just like a fine Kenyan, but with a more balanced acidity.


We currently do not have any of the TEC Estate Tanza coffee, but we have some great AA grade lots from Mondial - please check our Tanzania category in the Single Origins product category.

Tanzania TEC AA Coffee Beans

This is a high grade limited edition small lot Estate coffee AA.

As an Estate coffee, the beans are sourced from a single farms to assure quality.

A premium was paid to ensure the fast shipment of our greens to Australia, avoiding the infrastructure issues that can affect coffees being held for extended periods in hot containers around the ports of Tanzania.

Yes, this is up there with the best coffees we have tasted - blackberry, wine/berry like chocolate syrup, great acidity and a long lingering finish.

Only available in small lots and for a limited time - currently out of stock !.

If you want to buy Tanzanian coffee beans, follow this link to our single origin page.