Rwanda Inzovu

Since discovering Rwandan coffees in 2011, we have been buying them every year.
We love the rich chocolate notes from Inzovu and the long vanilla and orange citrus finish.



This coffee will remain a staple in our lineup.


A stunning coffee having the characteristics of the famous Ethiopian Yirgachaffe (King of Coffees) but with a more pronounced flavor.

 We are absolutely loving this coffee at the moment - it's something very special indeed.

A medium acid, well balanced coffee with smooth body and a long finish.

Dominant, very sweet flavours of orange and vanilla.

Produced by a group of 30 coffee members.

They call themselves 'Urengerekawa' which means 'Let us protect coffee.'

The cooperative was formed in 2007.

The farms are located in the South Western part of the country in Rusizi district, Nyakabuye sector, Nyabintarecell, Barenga village (altitude 1'600 to 1'700 above sea level.)

In 2008 the members of the coop came up with an idea of having their own wet mill so that they could produce, treat and sell their own coffee with improved quality outcomes.

Each member of the coop owns equal share and has between 350 to 2'500 coffee trees.

Good crop and high cherry prices of this season improved welfare of many farmers, children's schooling and sorting out basic needs.

Grab it in the store here, we think they are some of the best Rwandan coffee beans you will ever find.