Grinding coffee beans

Date Posted:9 March 2009 

Things to know about grinding coffee beans. Did you know pre-ground coffee goes stale in 15 minutes ?. We don't stock or sell pre-ground coffee but we can grind from fresh roasted beans to suit your type of beverage or equipment if you selection the Option to Grind when placing an order.


We prefer our customers purchase whole beans - once you start using whole beans and discard pre-ground you will understand why.

To be brutally honest, we don’t like selling pre-ground coffee as we know it goes stale very quickly (even in the best quality heat-sealed packaging). If left unsealed, ground coffee goes stale within 15 minutes. Inside of the sealed packaging, oxydization (the process of going stale) is dramatically accelerated once the whole beans are ground.

There is no way to slow or halt the staling process of ground coffee - don't believe the marketing lies about nitrogen flushing - literally no coffee companies in Australia are actively using nitrogen flushing (except pod and capsule manufacturers) because it's not a 100% assured solution to ground coffee going stale.

Pre-ground coffee is generally roasted, ground and packed by commodity manufacturers using lower-grade coffees. In some cases, the pre-ground coffee may have been produced overseas and is certainly stale and lifeless by the time you purchase it from the retailer in Australia.

However, we undestand the reality is not every home or business has a grinder for on-demand grinding of whole beans into the desired grind type for your beverage, so we can provide this grinding service for you in our warehouse just prior (literally minutes or hours) to the order being shipped.

Our coffee is ground only when an order has been received and we are in the process of picking and packing the items in the box ready for delivery — that’s how fresh ground coffee should be - ground at the last minute.

We do not store or stock pre-ground coffee.

Grinding of fresh roasted coffee beans requires additional handling of the item as it is manually performed on our large, commercial grade calibrated conical grinders.

We charge a fee for grinding and it's 50 cents a pack.

For customers who think that 50 cents might be outrageous, let's take a look at what's involved in grinding coffee.

Firstly, we need to locate a fresh pack of roasted coffee beans and cut open the top of the bag, tip the roasted coffee beans into the grinder hopper, set the grinder calibration, removing any previous remnants, purge the grinder, then we grind of the beans slowly to prevent heat build up and taint of the coffee into another bag, clean up around the opening of the bag as there will be static attracted grounds preventing a heat seal, then we take the pack to a heat sealing machine to seal the bag.

In most cases we are required to discard the packaging as some types of our sealed packaging cannot be resealed effectively. It can take up to 5 mins per pack of coffee and when you consider our packaging is 60 cents each, then can appreciate why a charge is levied - then of course it costs about 80 cents in blade wear on the grinder burrs per kilo.

All coffees are packed as WHOLE BEANS, so grinding is an extra, labour intensive step.

If you place an order for whole beans and then insert comments or instructions in the delivery area, or contact us after you have placed and paid for the order to request us to grind, we reserve the right to cancel and ask for the order to be re-entered.

The reason is due to our processes - you bought "A" but want "B".........things don't work properly when that occurs - picking and packing must precisely match the order and comments do not alter the product you ordered.

Each product where a grind option is available will offer an Option to Grind with a drop-down list. You can select the required grind setting as one of the following —

  • coarse (plunger)
  • medium (Drip/pour-over, filter),
  • medium-fine (stovetop) or
  • fine (espresso machine).

We do not offer Turkish/Greek grind setting as this basically KILLS any decent grinder.