Ethiopia Limu microlot

Ethiopia produces some of the world's best coffees -
Limu provides a highly flavored cup with a twist of fruit, plenty of chocolate and caramel. Limu is often more reliable and consistent compared to Sidamo and Yirgacheffe that may at times be very winey, acidic or fruit.



From our favorite coffee growing region - Ethiopia - comes this superb washed Limu microlot - clean, sweet, fruity.


Ethiopian Limu Coffee Beans

We like Limu as it's generally a more consistent bean than some of the other Ethiopian's (except Yirgachaffe).

As a washed coffee, this bean exhibits a clean cup and very full flavour with hints of fruit and a strong dark cocoa finish.

Limu makes a great blend enhancer and we often add some to create some punch through milk.

I love all the Ethiopian's, but for consistency the Limu ranks high.

We are pleased to offer this great coffee while stocks last - it's a limited microlot

To buy it online or to see our other single origin Ethiopian coffee beans, follow this link.