Elk Hill Estates

India coffee really fly under the radar -
Almost all coffee roasters include quality Indian coffees in their blends. They provide essential mid-palate flavor with a beautiful soft acidity.


Whilst we currently do not have the Elk Hill Estate as a Plantation A (we use Tiger Mountain for that type), we do in fact have something very special from Elk Hill being the Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold.

The Mysore Nuggets are in my opinion superior in terms of flavour, complexity and acid balance. The deliver a wonderfully soft linear flavor ramp with a super-long caramel and toffee finish.

The Mysore Nuggets are better for straight espresso duty.

In our opinion, India is very much an under-rated country in terms of coffee quality.

Elk Hill Estate Coffee

A-grade coffees coming out of India can stand up against many of the world's best and in some cases beat them convincingly.

We are fortunate to have access to a wide range of green coffee beans from just about every producing country in the world, including India.

Right from when we started, a wise coffee roaster told me something very profound........... India produces spectacular coffees.

At the time, I just took the info on board and didn't think too much about it - being obsessed with Ethiopian and Central American coffees, India was just one of the 20+ countries on the map that one day we will get around to sampling.

Ironically, in our very first shipment of coffee beans from H.A. Bennett & Sons, a bag of Indian Plantation A coffee was on the pallet.

Our early notes from then indicated that the Plantation A was a wonderfully rich and well rounded coffee as a single origin, but to be very honest my mind was distracted with thoughts of exotic African, wild-grown PNG's and high-grown Costa Ricans - I didn't really give the India Plantation A any decent or fair brainspace. Reflecting on that situation, it was perhaps an opportunity wasted.

As time went on, we would regularly buy India Tiger Mountain Arabica beans as a staple in our line-up.

This proprietary blend from H.A. Bennetts & Sons was highly regarded and well respected by the roaster community.

Always prepared with outstanding quality - never a bad bean and with a consistency that in our mind is totally un-matched from any other origin (yes, I know that's a big call, but the track record over the last 5 years has been perfect).

Customers who tried the Tiger would be blown away by the depth of flavor and the rich, strong infusion.

To this day, the Tiger continues to sit in the top 3 of all coffees that are constantly requested by our cafe clients and our online customers as their preferred bean when requiring Single Origin coffees.

It has been long overdue, but we are now turning our focus to offering some of the finest Indian coffee beans, we have access to, starting with the famous and perhaps most highly respected of quality India plantations - Elk Hill Estate.

Coffees from Elk Hill have ranked stellar scores on internation cupping evaluations, including the mind-boggling 95 in 2007 from coffeereview.com Any coffee that can score that highly, is always going to be amazing.

We have a superb Natural Pulped Arabica A, now available in the mycuppa store......

Soft acidity, medium body, intense sweetness, orange with citrus and raisin finish.

A stunning coffee in all respects and our roaster's pick of this week's arrivals