Brazil Monte Alegre Espresso

Brazil Monte Alegre Estate Coffee
We no longer stock this bean in our store



A premium grade specialty Brazil consisting of beans processed using the wet, dry and naturally pulped methods.


The result is a perfectly balanced cup with a fine acidity, sweetness and butterscotch/chocolate notes.


Brazil is the largest supplier of coffees. Brazil coffee is renowned for its body, crema, sweetness.
This coffee is low acid and produces exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes.
Brazil Monte Alegre Espresso comprises of beans prepared using the 3 common methods of dry, wet and naturally pulped. The result is a perfectly balanced coffee that we think punches way above it's weight as a Single Origin.

Acidity: Neutral

Body: Full 

Aroma: Classic Brazil nuttiness

Flavour: A very clean cup - balanced caramel with a soft vanilla finish

Roaster's Notes

Terrific balance, slight nutty taste and strong chocolate toffee finish that tends towards vanilla as the cup cools.