Brazil Ipanema Dulce Sweet

A superbly consistent coffee
we have been purchasing Dulce for more than 6 years now and it will always remain in our portfolio



The massive premium Brazil estate of Ipanema continues to deliver outstanding coffees.


Brazilain Ipanema Dulce - Sweet

Dulce is "sweet" in Italian and this Rainforest Alliance coffee delivers amazing sweetness with a hazelnut finish.

We take almost a ton of this bean every week.

New season crop arrived in early Jan 2016 and yes, it's super fresh.

Prepared from a blend of natural processed coffees grown at different altitudes and collected from beans harvested at a late stage after the cherry has already dried on the tree.

A distinct coffee with full body, marked aroma, acidity and excellent sweetness, Ipanema Dulce is a perfect choice for straight espresso or also fine to serve with milk for a hazelnut and chocolate finish.

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