Black, white, kraft and green bags

Yes, sometimes we use different bags to pack your coffee beans - because our bag supplier can't prepare our custom bags fast enough sometimes.


You may notice on some occassions that the coffee bags containing your fresh roasted beans are packed in a matt black bag with white pencil Roast Date instead of the traditional mycuppa green bag with the date indicators on the front or rear of the coffee bag.

Of the coffee is in a white bag, or a kraft paper layered bag.

Generally, it may occur more often in the Roaster's Choice product which tend to be limited rare and exotic coffees that may not be available for sale in the mycuppa store.

Please do not be alarmed or concerned - it's the correct and appropriate coffee from us.

One of the key problems we face is the long lead time from our supplier of custom green mycuppa coffee bags. Sometimes it can be 12 weeks.

In early 2016, our bag supplier lost 16,000 of our 1kg mycuppa custom bags in transit and we are forced to substitute other bags until more can be manufactured.

We also roast a lot of different coffees each day for both us and some of our clients who engage us for Private Label or Contract Roasting.

Typically, our clients may require a plain black coffee bag and for efficiency (or urgency) we may roast additional quantity for our mycuppa store if we have recieved an unusually high number of orders for that particular coffee during the day to ensure our coffee is available at the right time for our customers.

Our biggest challenge is to roast all of the coffees and keep up - we are constantly moving coffee out the door that was roasted last night and it's too fresh.

This is basically a trade-off between having a super fresh coffee shipped out the door NOW versus having the time available to repack coffees in different bags - we run very fast and the most important performance metric for the mycuppa team is to ensure all orders are processed and sent out by the end of the day - we have a zero tolerance for delays because we know you need your coffee ASAP.