Airspresso has landed

Date Posted:22 September 2013 

The most portable espresso maker
Ideal for camping, cyclists and those wanting espresso style coffee in remote locations without power.



airspresso-3.jpg     A small, lightweight and portable espresso device perfectly designed for bike riders and hikers campers.


Light and compact the Airspresso is the practical alternative to under powered instant, french pressed and "shudder" percolated coffee.

Developed for life's wanderers and adventurers, the Airspresso will produce a 120ml shot of espresso using third wave brewing techniques (it might be wild outside but no need to be harsh on the grinds) just about anyplace using hot water and a bike pump.  
Light weight (250 gams) yet robustly constructed of anodised aerospace aluminum, engineering plastic and brass the Airspresso will give years of pleasurable caffeine infusion.
How does it work? Pretty much like any other espresso machine except that air pressure is used rather than steam or pumped water.
The engineering behind this equipment is extreme - years in development, thousands of shots, numerous prototypes to result in a superb and simple device that will please even the most demanding coffee fanatic.
Available now, in the store under the Equipment section.