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Best value online supplier of award winning premium coffees and teas

mycuppa.com.au is a Melbourne-based specialty beverage provider, offering what we believe is the best value online experience of finest grade premium fresh roasted coffees and teas in Australia.

First and foremost, we are hard-core coffee lovers, it’s a 24x7 thing for us — we live and breathe everything coffee and it's the reason we win medals at the industry's most competitive events.

Our entire business is built around servicing mycuppa.com.au orders super-fast. We have systems and processes that enable us to pick, pack and send your orders within minutes. Whilst the majority of coffee companies are heavily distracted with the daily dramas of servicing cafes and wholesale accounts, we have a sharp focus on our operations.

We roast more than 20 different coffees every single day, sometimes twice a day (mornings and evenings) - nothing stays in our roastery for more than 24 or 48hrs as our roasted stock moves extremely fast to more than 10,000 customers around Australia.

Read why Australia's top coffee judges awarded us 28 medals - 15x Golden Bean and 13x RAS medals in the Royal Agricultural Coffee Awards.


We run multiple, modern, current generation specialty roaster plants from our new purpose-engineered facility. These technology advantages contribute towards winning 28 medals over the last 6 years. In our last entered event - March 2016, we won 7 medals including Champion Roaster Latte and Best in Show - giving us the #1 Overall rank at the Royal Sydney Coffee awards.

The coffee industry in Australia has become over-crowded, high-saturated and for consumers this is more than a little confusing. Unfortunately, the competitive Australian coffee market has started to cross the line with unrealistic levels of hype and expectations from questionable marketing.

We like that coffee roasting competitions strip away the excessive brand promotion, all those unverified marketing claims and the larger-than-life personalities to bring it back to a pure product performance and quality metric. Make no mistake, these are tough events involving between 600 and 1,200 submissions, judged to International standards and without branding to eliminate bias.

Most coffee companies operate old-style, manual, large and inefficient machinery. These plants mean that coffee roasting operators (the key skill) rely mostly upon guessing and a bit of good luck in order to produce decent or consistent roast outcomes. We call them “browners”…….looking for anything close enough to a "brown" colour. Its a well known fact that once you exceed a certain size roasting plant, (larger than the capacity of our platforms), the quality of the roast from these big capacity roasting systems declines as the size of the roaster plant increases.

After lengthy, detailed evaluation of leading brand systems, we were convinced that in order to produce a premium grade product for our tough Australian market, it was fundamentally vital to have the best-in-class roasting platforms and to stick within the certain capacity range - called the "sweet spot" for coffee roasting plants. The proof in these statements is simply this - it comes as no surprise that almost every coffee company that competes in the major competitions will secretly roast their submitted entries on a very small roasting system - clearly not their day-to-day production plants. We think it's obvious why that's deceptive - using marketing to claim wins for a one-off performance but using different systems for their every day products.

We use 3 different platforms - Geisen W15A, a Joper CRS30 and a Proaster 30. Our most recent platform is barely 12 months old and has been highly customized with flexible burners and unique control software. It's a system we are proud to say is far more adaptive, responsive and precise than any other roasting infrastructure installed in Australia. How do we know this - we are trained professional engineers and invested 3 years to extensively research, trial and evaluate every brand of roasting platform from around the world.

Our range of equipment are regarded as being the best built and highest-performing roasters available in the specialty coffee market. This gives us the ability to produce coffees in a wider range of styles than other Australian coffee roasting companies. Each of our platforms produces a different heat and flavour stamp and we match this to the best type of bean, specific blend or batch size.

All our Roasting platforms are fully computer profile controlled and integrated with independent de-stoners for removal of debris that could damage your valuable coffee making/brewing equipment - it's not reliant upon a human skill or the risk of error.

To further raise the bar in terms of quality, we installed our equipment within a climate controlled Roastery— that’s right, we keep it all running in a clean and temperature stable environment - not just a roasting room, but the whole facility including our storage areas. This is a unique environment that few coffee companies in Australia can match. We do this so that every variable is controlled. Unlike other companies operating in the open air and volatile conditions of factories and warehouses located in industrial estates with high levels of polluted air from other industries such as spray painters, cabinet makers that cause polluted particles in the air to travel up to 2km from the source.

Our success over many years has resulted in spectacular business growth and positioned mycuppa as the leader in providing premium quality online coffee in Australia.

But can we deliver ?

We have been providing the same dedicated online services for coffee, tea and chocolate powders to customers all around Australia since early 2007 and we are considered to be accomplished veterans and experts in the art of e-commerce and logistics. We are not a coffee company that dabbles in on-line sales, or runs their online business as a side-interest or a part-time fill in task when they are not busy doing cafes, etc.

mycuppa.com.au is a dedicated on-line provider which means every investment we make in our business is directed to either improving quality, performance or the customer experience.

We send out more than 500 parcels every week, ranging from 500g to 20kg per parcel - no order is too small or too big for us. We roast more than 2 tons of fresh coffee, 6 days a week, 51 weeks a year. Our coffee is also exported overseas to New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East using express freight services.

Delivering high levels of service and flexibility has seen our business grow and the loyalty of our customers surpasses the industry standard.

Everything is super-fresh as we only roast enough of each type and variety of coffee to service a very short 24hr - 48hr order window. This is radically different to every other coffee company that roasts today for delivery next week to cafes and stores, or supermarkets and importers that are holding months worth of stale, low grade products.

We do not roast to stock and we don't store coffee on warehouse shelves as nothing stays in our premises for more than 2 days. Around 80% of our coffee roasted in the morning departs our premises that same afternoon - you simply can't get fresher coffee in retail store, cafes or supermarket. Even most roasting companies that offer in-warehouse collection will not give you coffee this fresh. This is what creates a major differentiator in our business - despatching coffee that is too fresh, too volatile and still developing so that once it arrives to your door anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, you can enjoy the coffee during it's peak performance window.

The simple facts about value....

Do you sometimes think that because a product or service is more expensive, then it must be better ?

Well, we can let you in on a secret if you hadn't worked it out already - the quality segment of our local Australian coffee market, refered to as Specialty Coffee, is rife with pretentious pricing on products, sometimes so outrageously high so as to delude you into thinking it must be the best because it’s the most expensive. At the higher priced end of the coffee market, you are not neccessarily buying a proportionally high grade coffee, but paying for a brand's own perception of their worth.

Putting aside the supermarket segment, our vision has always been to challenge the market with better value and this strategy is why 10,000 Australian customers prefer the mycuppa.com.au coffee experience.

We win plenty of roasting event medals, in the toughest competitions, against large and well established coffee companies - but we don't whack a high price on the product by trying to fool you into thinking it's exclusve or that you must pay the ransom for the privilege to purchase the brand.

It's special because we use quality products, we roast it to exacting standards, we have a roasting system and environment that is superior to most other Australian coffee companies and we make sure it's always super fresh when it leaves our premises.

The most important reason it's special is because we care about getting your coffee to you fast - we jump on your orders instantly.

Our products are competitively priced and we consistently benchmark our value proposition against the market— seeking always to provide the best value.

We use only premium grade products — no question !

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