• Acidity: Medium to high
  • Body: Rich and bold
  • Aroma: Nut, fig, dried fruit
  • Flavour: High levels of flavour, sweet dark chocolate with a long finish.

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Best Automatic Office Coffee Solution

If you own or use an automatic coffee machine - this is the perfect coffee bean for it.

Here you can order six packs of our 1kg premium SUPER AUTO whole coffee beans online and save heaps.

Specially designed for use in super-automatic coffee machines that are common in offices - coffee machines that grind coffee and then brew it for you directly according to the style you like.

A rich, smooth and creamy coffee bean blend that can punch through milk with a clean, sweet finish - a coffee that will appeal to everyone in the office.

Over the last 12 years this coffee has become a regular feature for many large corporate clients and bean-to-cup providers.

It's not unusual for us to ship more than 600kg per week of this product around Australia, so it's roasted at least 4 times a week, every week, 51 weeks a year to ensure freshness.

Automatic coffee machines attempt to create a similar experience to cafe commercial equipment.

Super-auto's are generally found in offices and the home where convenient bean-to-cup grind, dose, tamp, extraction and milk froth units prepare a coffee with pre-defined settings, e.g. Jura, Saeco, Gaggia, De-Longhi, WMF, Azkoyen, Franke, etc.

To create a small, affordable appliance, the automatic machine basically trades-off some of brew quality.

Primarily, these limitations are a basic grinder, a simple thermoblock heating unit (a correct and constant temperature is very important and most autos run a little cool) and  finally there are losses eminating from the brew units that mostly plastic - just not as effective as brass units used on commercial espresso machines.

So, the super-autos have losses, but they are very convenient and easy to use - tending to generate a result that is about 80+% of what can be achieved using properly calibrated commercial equipment. For most people, this is adequate.

To overcome the brew quality losses from using an Auto, it is important to use very fresh coffee and a quality blend that has flavour without bitterness or excessive oils.

As coffee is roasted darker (typically found on stale imported beans or the low grade, stale rubbish in supermarkets), more of the coffee oils will travel to the surface of the bean and lose flavour.

These oils will have negative impact upon the grinders (clogging) and brewing units used in autos, resulting in more frequent breakdowns and inferior tasting coffee extraction.

Our SUPERAUTO blend is specially designed for home or office automatic coffee machines.

The roast is very important where it needs to deliver flavour with some acid to "cut through milk" without being too dark and generating oils that could increase the risk of equipment failure.

SUPERAUTO has been optimized over 12 years to develop and we continue to develop this blend to make it the best suited coffee for your office or home automatic coffee machine.


Coffee machines in the office are generally of the Automatic type or configuration - performing the grind, dose, tamp, brew and sometimes milk without the need for human intervention - and whilst they are fast and efficient (and importantly very clean externally) at these tasks, the reality is there are trade-offs and compromises you pay for this benefit.......namely all the good stuff we wnat in a coffee - flavor, body, sweetness, complexity, acidity, somewhat muted by the automation.

The #1 challenge with automatic coffee machines is the relative lower levels of dosage - specialty cafes use 20+grams per shot versus Automatic machines using between 8g and 14g.

We use quality 100% arabica coffees in this blend of coffee.

There has always been the temptation to introduce some robusta to boost caffeine levels, but as we all know that most robusta coffees impart varying levels of flavor taint - rubber, wood, leather, tar, etc. I really can't accept that lowering the sweetness profile of a coffee for the sake of higher caffeine is justified.

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Shipping Weight 6.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.430m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.300m
Shipping Cubic 0.019350000m3

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