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**** UPDATE ****

This system has been sold and is no longer available.


Why wait 9 months for a new roaster !

Did you know that most new roasters generally have a few issues or problems when they are initially assembled and commissioned on-site ?

Sometimes, these issues can take weeks and weeks (or months) to effectively resolve - besides the lost time there is that huge sense of frustration, especially if you are a new brand trying to win clients.

When buying a used roaster, you know upfront that it works properly - see it running, roast coffee on it and taste what's in the cup!.

All the teething problems have been resolved and the entire system works as a solution.

We are listing our beloved Geisen W15A (Automatic) Natural Gas coffee roaster for sale as it has been sitting unused for most of the last 4.5 years.

This roaster has been acting as a backup unit since late 2012 and as we currently have 2 larger roasting systems installed. Our lovely Geisen W15A coffee roaster has been sitting idle at our backup site - we want to sell the site, so the roaster must go.

In 2017, we decided to give our Geisen W15A a thorough clean in preparation for sale. Mind you, when it was in active production, we kept this baby clean as a whistle on a weekly basis. Thing is.......when you start cleaning a roaster you just can't stop and hence we are well into a more extensive restoration of this superb coffee roaster. Anyone that knows the heritage of these exceptionally well-built Geisen coffee roasting systems will know they are essentially designed for life.

NOTE: Picture shown is a new unit. Actual pictures of the exact system will be placed up on our website once all the parts are re-assembled from the cleaning process.

The restoration involves a complete strip back of all motors, replacement of the roast fan impellers, removal and clean of gearing, soda blasting of the cooling tray and most importantly an intensive strip of the internal cyclone system. In a nutshell, we are bringing this roaster back to as-new condition.

History of our Geisen

Our Geisen W15A roaster was purchased from the official Australian Geisen importer and distributor in 2009.

It arrived into Australia at Easter 2010, the roaster was fully commissioned and complies with Energy Safe Victoria - yes, it has the official badge/label affixed.

For those of you that know about Energy Safe compliance requirements around Australia, Victoria has the most stringent levels and it's often the case that a coffee roaster which may be compliant in another Australian state, outside of Victoria, may indeed not meet the higher ESV standards.

The value of achieving ESV compliance puts your mind at ease - it's a roaster that can easily slot into any operation around in Australia.

It is also quite common for brand new roasters imported from overseas to not initially meet all the required Energy Safe compliance without some form of modification(s).

Sometimes, these modifications can cost many thousands of $$.

Again, we say can be assured this Geisen W15A unit will comply in any Australian State or Territory (excluding emmissions that are not within the scope of the roaster supply).

Our Geisen W15A Coffee Roaster is the Automatic model - this means the profiler function was built in the Geisen factory. It also includes the original Geisen supplied notebook computer, a genuine Geisen software dongle and the authentic Geisen profiling software. It's not a 3rd party add-on system.

The Geisen software solution enables the roasting operator to program recipes controlling the execution of the roast batch and provides the roasting operator with clear and useful displays of the real time bean and air temperature curves as well as fully controlling gas settings via the PID controller in the Profiling system.

I absolutely love roasting on this platform. It's so easy and literally foolproof once you understand the basics of roasting coffee beans.

Having had 5 roasting plants over the last 11 years, this Geisen is the easiest to use.

The burner controls are automated - that means you can load the raw coffee beans into the drum, start the profile and then keep a periodic watch on the progress, step in if you want to tweak, and when you are ready, just dump the beans at the desired finishing point.

It's easy to multi-task when you use this roaster and compared to a manual roaster that requires constant attention this roaster will run the batch from start to finish. When you have your profiles setup correctly, the repeatability and precision are simply awesome.

We have won so many medals on this roaster - 30 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals over since late 2010.

The coffee it produces is astounding in every regard of flavour, body and sweetness.

It's not unusual for some of our long standing customers to feed back to us this Geisen platform produces coffee they prefer over our other platforms. That in itself is a serious testament of the roast quality capable from this Geisen W15A.

Our Geisen W15A was used as the primary production roaster between mid 2010 and late 2012. In effect, it's had 2.5 years of general workload. In late 2012 we commissioned a larger platform and the Geisen was relegated as a backup and was unused for 2 years.

In late 2014 our Geisen W15A coffee roaster was used for just one customer's coffee - a total of 6x batches a week over a 8 month period.

This coffee roaster is capable of pumping out continuous full sized batches and you can roast as low as 5kg raw coffee sized batches. We think this roaster works optimally at 15kg raw coffee charge.

Modifications & Enhancement

Upgraded Burner Pilot

The original pilot design of the burners on Geisens were sometimes prone to dropping out if the cyclone doors were opened when the burner was on low-fire, e.g. for cleaning whilst operational.

During the initial commissioning of our Geisen, we took the steps to replace the Pilot with a significantly larger unit (from a 60kg roaster !) and changed the mounting position to eliminate the risk of draught blowing out the pilot. This solution is so rock-solid we have never experienced a pilot failure whereas I know other Geisen owners have this challenge.

Drum Motor Gearbox - upgraded seals and pressure valve

The drum motor and gearbox are mounted high in the rear of the roaster's cabinet. The gearbox used by Geisen does not have any method to deal with rising pressures from heat build up. As the roaster is being used, the oil in the gearbox heats up, swells and with no way for the expanded oil to push the pressure (air), the seals may eventually fail.

We designed an innovative solution that involved drilling a pressure valve into the gearbox. As the heat increases, the valve lets out the pressurized air without any loss of oil. This has been rock-solid since 2011.

Rear Bush replaced with Bearing Assembly.

The original design of the Geisen roasters relied upon graphite impregnated brass bushes instead of a rear bearing. Everyone knows that bearings on roasters eventually fail due to the heat stress and the concept of a bush was to eliminate this risk.

However, the wear rates of the bush were not properly designed by Geisen so we removed this systems and welded in a high capacity bearing unit - supplied by Geisen.

Restoration Scope

Geisen roasters are renown for being well-built with heavy duty components.

All roasters experience a build-up of plaque and scale from the char, tar, accumulation of chaff particles, etc. . Having an internal chaff cyclone allows the Geisen to occupy a small footprint, however, internal cyclones are a bit more difficult to clean properly.

Our objective with this restore was to remove the effects of roasting from the roaster's pathways. For the fan impellers, we have replaced these as the risk of sand blasting may have deformed the impeller blade metals, leading to problems down the track.

The cooling tray was stripped and soda blasted. This is a far gentler method than sand blasting and effectively returns the material back to original condition.

When we get this components re-assembled, it will be a very clean machine and ready to run for many years without major maintenance.


  • Geisen W15A - build date 2009, install date 2010.
  • Geisen supplied factory notebook computer, Profile Software and genuine software dongle.
  • Original Geisen W15 owner's manual
  • Comes on the original Roaster's shipping skid (yes, I have a habit of keeping everything).
  • Demonstration and tutorial on operation teaching you all the critical maintenance and operational aspects (that in itself is priceless $$$ - you can't get that in a manual or training course).
  • Assistance in loading the roaster into your transit vehicle.


  • No freight - buyer to organize, we will assist loading at our end.
  • No crating - we can load the roaster onto the original shipping skip. We can crate, but it's not cheap as manufacturers of roasters often charge up to $1,000 to crate up a system. Crating will be done at materials cost.
  • No fastening of the roaster onto the original shipping skip - customer must supply their own fastening methods, e.g. ratchet straps. We do not wish to be liable for any transit problems.
  • No warranty - this Geisen W15A will be sold "as is".  This Geisen W15A roaster is working perfectly to specification and will be demonstrated working (we will roast batches together with the buyer), we will provide you with basic operational training and share our developed knowledge on the required maintenance. Once the system has been demonstrated roasted, it will then be carefully disconnected from gas, power and flues, placed onto the original Geisen shipping skip whereby the customer will need to fasten.

Conditions of Sale

This roaster is expected to be ready for inspection and viewing around end July 2017 or early August 2017.

As I can only spare a few hours each other week to progress the restoration, it comes down to how much progress (sometimes, I can't work on it for weeks at a time) - I tend to be quite fussy.

Obviously, we do have a preference for a Victorian-based sale of this Geisen W15A purely because I don't particularly enjoy dealing with freight companies - it's so much easier when a buyer can collect this item from us.

Crating - anyone that's had to crate up a roaster for transport (and I've done this twice before) will know why roaster suppliers charge over $1K or 2K to crate theirs system - it's a lot of work custom building the crate and installing all the neccessary parts to prevent the roaster from moving about during transit. The last time I did this crating gig, it took 4 days and more than $500 in timber.

I am time poor and as the roaster is situated in our other facility - the last thing I want to do is lose time with curious folks just wanting to gander at a shop roaster in action. Serious buyers only and as mentioned previously, preference will be given to local prospects over interstate - sorry to be this way but prior experience dictates this sales approach.


The roaster is for sale at $30,000  plus GST.

The price is firm and it's not open to negotiation.

The effort I will invest with a buyer to show them absolutely everything there is to know about the Geisen W15A is worth half that alone - you simply can't put a price on expert knowlesge as you will save $$ in wasted effort and reduce the risk of damage from not knowing the critical maintenance tasks (these are not explained in the operator manual).


  • A 50% deposit will hold the roaster in your name and avoid it being sold to another buyer.
  • Balance is payable within 30 days of deposit and is due prior to the roaster being disconnected from the flues, power and gas.
  • Roaster will be demonstrated working with the buyer prior to disconnection from gas and electricity.

This roaster is like one of my children and I'm sad to part with it.

We hope it goes to a good home and you can be assured of our best intentions at all times.


Shipping Weight 450.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.500m
Shipping Height 2.500m
Shipping Length 2.500m

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