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Colombian Excelso

  • A 70kg bag of Colombia Excelso La Union raw coffee bean sitting in the mycuppa roastery
  • A 70kg bag of Colombia Excelso Rafael raw coffee bean sitting in the mycuppa roastery
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Product Description

Colombian Excelso Coffee Beans

1kg of Limited Release 100% Arabica Colombian Excelso coffee beans, medium roast whole bean - excellent for Espresso and plunger style coffee.

Everyone knows that Colombia produces some of the world's finest coffees.

There are more than half a million coffee farmers in Columbia, there are very few estates as most coffee is farmed on small lots.

The quality of Colombian coffee beans had suffered as a result of extreme weather conditions in the period from 2010 through to 2012 - excessive rains through the prime growing seasons over the last few years during the critical coffee tree flowering stage have reduced yields and lowered the quantity of export coffee. 

Issues with fungus that have seen large tracts of coffee plantations destroyed and renewed with hardier crop types that can withstand extreme climate conditions.

The Roya (or coffee leaf rust) epidemic in late 2010 has taken a couple of years to overcome with re-planting and increased procedures around farm management to prevent a recurrence. 



There are two main grades of Colombian coffee - Supremo and Excelso.

Please do not think for one moment that Colomian Supremo is superior to Excelso, it's just a physical size grading - Supremo beans are larger being screen sized 17 and up, whilst Excelso are smaller 14 - 16 screen.

We know that Excelso beans whilst smaller in size can deliver exceptional flavor and fruit notes and to be honest, I think Excelso's offer for more ZING in the cup with sharper acidity.

Supremo beans (in a traditional sense) have a tendency to be milder and less pronounced compared to the Excelso.

As most Australian coffee drinkers add milk to their espresso brews, we believe the Excelso is better suited for Single Origin use whilst the Supremo makes a better blender.

For this reason, we focus our efforts in selecting Colombian coffees around the Excelso type (or grade).

We currently have three(3) different premium Excelso's on the deck at the moment and we are roasting these on a rotating basis during the week - La Union, Inza Rafael and Popayan.

As we roast Colombians at least 4 times a week, chances are you will get one or more of these coffees over repeat orders - all of them are fantastic.


1. La Union

From the highly respected Kyoto Farm in the Transjordania region, this bean delivers a rich, smooth body with delightful sweet sugar cane and caramel notes.

The citric orange impression provides a sparkling acidity that perfectly cuts through milk. A real find for 2012 and we backed up with another lot for the 2013 harvest which has just arrived.

Screen: Excelso (14 - 16)
Farm: Kyoto
District: Transjordania
Altitude: 1300m
Variety: typica and caturra
Nose: Dry wood, caramel, malt
Acidity: Citric with orange impression
Cup: Clean, very sweet with sugar cane and honey notes


2. Inza Rafael

This Excelso is from the Inza region that can produce very intense and fruity Colombian beans.

Coffees from Inza stand up in the cup - they have sparkling acidity and a crisp, clean flavor in milk making them ideal choices for most home espresso machine users.

This Inza produces a medium to bold body and a flavor profile of Chocolate, citrus fruit, berries and currants.


3. Popayan Munchique

Popayan is another district in Colombia well regarded for providing exception Supremo and Excelso coffees.

This coffee comes from the Department of Cauca and is a sully washed screen 15 bean.

Soft, sweet flavors of honey and toffee with a crisp apple acidity, syrupy body and a creamy cocoa finish.


Roaster's notes:

Our Excelso coffees are roasted to exhibit sparkling acidity - demonstrating beautiful sweet fruit notes that cut through milk superbly.

If you are looking for the milder, smoother and albeit more boring Colombian coffee try the Supremo.

We like to take this bean to a finish point of 209.5 degrees C at 15mins 05 seconds, which is just into the first snaps of 2nd crack.
The roast level displays that beautifully typical Colombian monk-brown color.
As Excelso are a smaller screen of higher natural density we believe these Excelso's benefit from a slightly darker roast profile to bring in additional soft chocolate and heavy caramel tones, balancing out some of the acidity, however, we think that acid makes it a superbly punchy coffee, especially in milk.
The orange/tangerine citric character offers a lively cup in the La Union.
The tropical fruit in the Inza offers the Espresso drinker a long, clean, sweet soaring finish that keep climbing well after the espresso has been tasted.
The toffee and honey in the Popayan offers milk drinkers that wonderful lingering cocoa finish.
Make sure you use a very fine grind to compensate for the hard, dense bean.

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