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Brazil Monte Alegre Espresso

  • A 60kg bag of Brazil Monte Alegre raw coffee bean sitting in the mycuppa roastery

Product Description

1kg of 100% Arabica Brazil Monte Alegre Espresso whole bean coffee - medium-dark roast - excellent for espresso, plunger or filter style coffee.

This is without doubt one of the best quality Brazil's on the market (as at late 2013) - mix of 3 different processing types to create a perfectly balanced coffee and similar in many respects to the Ipanema Espresso blend.

Brazil is the largest supplier of coffees.
Brazil coffee is renowned for its body, crema, sweetness.
This coffee is low acid and produces exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes.

Brazil Monte Alegre Espresso comprises of beans prepared using the 3 common methods of dry, wet and naturally pulped.
The result is a perfectly balanced coffee that we think punches way above it's weight as a Single Origin.

Acidity: Neutral

Body: Full 

Aroma: Classic Brazil nuttiness

Flavour: A very clean cup - balanced caramel with a soft vanilla finish

Roaster's Notes

Terrific balance, slight nutty taste and strong chocolate toffee finish that tends towards vanilla as the cup cools.
So what is the difference between all the Brazil's in the mycuppa store ?
Natural processed Brazils will have a strong flavor and more body - look at Cambara & Dulce
Pupled Brazils are cleaner cup and have medium body - see Ipanema Goumet and Super Blend
Washed Brazils have more acid - See Monte Alegre Espresso and Ipanema Espresso
Brazil Cambara - A natural yellow bourbon specialty coffee. Stronger flavor - dark chocolate with a hint of licorice
Brazil Cerrado - A natural mundo nouvo. Rich and smooth with a milk chocolate finish and perfect balance
Brazil Yellow Bourbon - A pulped natural yellow bourbon. Clean and sweet - nice in milk
Brazil Monte Alegre - A blend of 3 different processing types - washed, pulped and natural. Superb balance and milk chocolate notes.
Brazil Ipanema Espresso - Similar to the Monte Alegre. but a silky, refined finish.
Brazil Ipanema Gourmet - Naturally pulped - special preparation with butterscotch finish.
Brazil Ipanema Dulce - A pure natural. Stronger cup profile with hints of hazelnut and cocoa.
Brazil Super Blend - a blend of our Brazils - balanced and complex with milk chocolate notes.

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